Car Fire 6th Street

On 6th Street between Washington and Bloomfield, there is a car on fire.

Overheard on the live police scanner, this was called in as “paper on the street on fire, engulfing a tire of a parked car”…

I recall it being a late model Honda (I was at the dog park as I overheard this), and the owner was a female living at 705 Bloomfield Street. The HPD tried notifying the owner, by knocking on the door and exterior windows with no response. They assumed the owner is not home

HFD is en route to extinguish this (now totaled) vehicle – “interior now on fire”.

How the heck does that happen?

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It was a toyota, probably early 00. It wasn’t totalled (the picture is from another fire). Just the front tire burned and there was some smoke and heat damage. Something was smoldering inside the engine compartment and the fire department dosed it with water. They had to break the windows to get in.

The really sickening thing was that there were people around who came out from S. Sullivan’s who could have simply kicked the burning paper aside or spray it with the beer they had in their hands. Instead, they just stood and watched. And some sick person actually set the garbage on fire.


somebody got sick of their car and after they were sure their insurance was paid up…. 😆