Dumb Idea: Dog Poop Wi-Fi

Will never work: Poo WiFi

You may think that Hoboken has a dog-poop problem – but here’s one idea floating around the internet that would never, ever work here.

The concept (being “rolled out” in several parks in Mexico City), is that anyone who picks up their dog poop and places it in this ridiculous contraption – it would “reward” the nearby park with free Wi-Fi minutes. This technology, at the very least is five or ten years too late. Most phones now have super-fast speed connections that can be tethered, along with very capable tablet like devices (i.e., Samsung Galaxy Note) and the need for a “WiFi” isn’t even that much in demand.

The only way getting more people to clean up their poop (beyond a highly enforced police-state), is to literally pay them, don’t you think?

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If the same company that developed this dog shit wi fi generator can only design a unit to harness a bullshit wi fi generator no one in hoboken would ever have to pay for wi fi.