Hoboken Labor Day Plans

Ok, this will be the last post of the day (providing there’s no nutty incidents, fires, accidents around town).

So for those of you left at work (or home) and on the internet, what are your plans for this “unofficial end of summer” weekend?

Labor Day Hoboken 2007

For many, this is the last weekend of the “shore house”. For others, this is another “partying weekend”, filled with fun barbecues, and other jovial gatherings.

How many of you feel this is a forced “obligatory” weekend? I’ve overheard some 411 readers say they just want to chill out and “veg” this long weekend. Others have said they hope the town is dead, and can relax in a less crowded atmosphere.

Speaking of less crowded, I’ve notice a few bars were closed, even last night. A couple that I noticed were Three A’s, which is in the process of a minor “clean up” renovation. They’re re-doing the floors, some painting and maybe a little exterior work. The 10th and Willow Bar & Grill was also closed. I’m assuming that’s a mini-vacation.


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