Want to go to Staten Island?

Well, it just got a little easier.

In a joint partnership between the MTA of New York and NJ Transit, it will soon be more convenient for Staten Islanders to travel to the Jersey City / Hoboken area and vice versa.

From BusRide.com:

MTA begins bus service between Staten Island and New Jersey

The first ever interstate route operated by MTA New York City Transit is now a reality. The MTA reaffirmed its commitment to improve transportation options for Staten Islanders in its announcement of August 29, 2007, that a direct bus service to the Hudson-Bergen Light Rail line in Bayonne, New Jersey will begin Tuesday, September 4.

This new inter-regional bus route was developed in response to requests by Staten Islanders who were asking for a convenient connection to the Hudson-Bergen Light Rail line so they could more easily access the growing job markets in Jersey City and Hoboken. The $2 base fare for this service will be the same as the fare charged on NYC Transit’s local buses.


The new weekday, rush-hour only S89 limited-stop service is an extension of the 59 Richmond Ave. local bus route. Operating from Richmond Avenue/Hylan Boulevard, the new S89 will serve major bus stops and transfer points — including the Eltingville SIR Station and the Eltingville Transit Center – along the Richmond Avenue corridor before crossing the Bayonne Bridge and ending at the 34th Street Station of NJ TRANSIT’s Hudson-Bergen Light Rail line in Bayonne.

“The S89 will give our Staten Island customers a new, direct link to the Hudson-Bergen Light Rail line and the region’s expanding job market,” said Elliot G. Sander, CEO and Executive Director of the MTA. “More importantly, this service breaks down another boundary and moves us one step closer to a seamless regional transportation network.”

The 12.5 mile long bus route is being operated under a joint service agreement executed between the MTA and NJ TRANSIT. Also, as part of the agreement, NJ TRANSIT and NYC Transit will explore a bus/light rail joint ticket good on both NYC Transit buses and the Hudson Bergen Light Rail. For the time being, customers will have to pay separate fares on the S89 and the Hudson-Bergen Light Rail trains.

“Anytime you can respond to your customers and provide a new service, it’s exciting,” said NYC Transit President Howard H. Roberts, Jr. “This is an emerging market and we plan on providing dependable service to the riders who will rely on the S89.”

“This service will benefit the region by improving access to the growing job market along the Hudson waterfront and by giving Hudson County residents a new commuting option for reaching Staten Island,” said NJ TRANSIT Executive Director Richard Sarles. “We look forward to welcoming Staten Island residents to the light rail system.”

The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey will provide a one-time contribution of $2 million to help purchase buses that will be used for the service. “Our transportation picture is changing, as residents are finding a need for a more diverse matrix of connections across an increasingly inter-dependent region,” said Port Authority of NY/NJ Executive Director Anthony Shorris. “That’s why the Port Authority is investing human and financial resources to help launch this new bus route. It’s no secret that Staten Islanders and residents of Bayonne face a challenging commute, and we hope this new initiative will make a real difference in their quality of life for years to come.”

Because this route operates across state lines, all S89 bus operators have been USDOT certified for interstate service. This certification is in addition to the 19A NYS Certification all NYC Transit Bus Operators are required to have.

The S89 will operate in both directions from approximately 5:30 a.m. to 8:30 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m., Monday through Friday only. All S89 buses have been scheduled to meet specific Hudson Bergen Light Rail train arrivals and departures. NJ TRANSIT also operates additional local and express trains supplementing the scheduled connections between the S89 and the Light Rail trains to and from Jersey City and Hoboken.

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when the landfill was in full swing there was a place for outragouse hotdogs called al deepees, or something like that,and right behind it was a small 1/2 ass park with amusement park type of rides. all of this within a very short distance from thar pungent aroma. also the city had trucks driving around at night spraying water with odor killing chemicals all over the streets and you really want to go there,are you nuts.


I don’t know why anyone is surprised that folks here are bashing Staten Island. Staten Island bashing is a New Jersey tradition, esp. if you grew up within driving distance of the Outerbridge Crossing.

Also, the only good thing to ever come out of Staten Island is Wu-Tang Clan — and I have NO desire to visit the Killah Hills project.

😕 8) 🙂


One of my brothers calls it “Rotten Island” because of the landfill. It always amazes me to see that strip shopping center right next to the landfill–I can’t imagine eating at the restaurant in there! Well…in all seriousness, I have heard that people who live there have long wanted more transportation options when it comes to traveling outside it.


I worked in si just around the time when they opened the”gang plank” and all the goombas flowed over the bridge ,they ruined it quickly. It was a nice place once never more,never more. It once had two airports,miller field and the 2nd one where the big mall is. it once had a actual forest fire and you could go horseback riding but now its one big traffic jam, go there ,only at gun point.


It’s Hoboken411 jeporday!

Alex: The category is travel for 200 dollars:
Alex: The answer is: Good god no!

Hoboken: Alex the question is “Want to go to Staten Island?”

Alex: Good for 200