Vito’s Deli now offers home made biscotti

Tasty Biscotti at Vito’s Delicatessen in Hoboken, NJ

Hoboken411 reader and food lover Meredith Foote is thrilled to share her discovery over at Vito’s Delicatessen today:

“I went in to Vito’s (8th and Washington) this afternoon to pick up a delectable shrimp parmigiana sandwich and something caught my eye. Vito’s is a hot spot for sandwiches and lunch specials but an unexpected surprise made me an even bigger fan of the legendary Italian deli than ever before. Vito’s is selling TO DIE FOR BISCOTTI!

I always want a little treat after lunch and after consuming two anisette sponge bicotti and trying the chocolate covered almond biscotti, I became instantly hooked! If you have not tasted the biscotti currently being sold at Vito’s, they make a great Mother’s Day gift and an even sweeter dessert. These bad boys literally melt in your mouth!”

Hopefully some lucky mom’s get to taste this new-found tasty treat!


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