Pedestrian struck 4th & Clinton

Just heard again over the live police scanner. Hoboken Volunteer Ambulance is on the way, but the responding officer is taking her to HUMC. The lady just has a cut on her finger (not sure exactly the nature of how the vehicle hit her), but she’s apparently in “a lot of pain”.

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Pedestrian Safety Concern (14th & Willow 4-Way Intersection)

I live on Clinton and 13th Street and must cross through the 4-way intersection at 14th & Willow every morning on my way to work as well as at numerous other times. I find this intersection to be very dangerous for pedestrians as divers often speed through this area. These drivers seem to have no regard for the many Hoboken citizens walking through the intersection. With the many condos in the northwest corner of Hoboken and a NJ Transit Bus Stop right at the Hess Station (just north of the intersection), this is a heavy pedestrian area.

I wish more police officers would be assigned to this area to ticket the many speeders and bad drivers who have no concern for the human lives that walk through this intersection.