Garden Thief

In what I think is one of the more retarded “crimes” recently reported in Hoboken, the Jersey Journal’s Charles Hack reported on this story today. This lady must have wanted her plants and possessions stolen! I just don’t get it.

Hoboken garden stolen!
by Charles Hack

An elaborate front garden was stolen in Hoboken early this morning, police told The Jersey Journal. Even more bizarrely, it was apparently all caught on tape but not stopped.

A Bloomfield Street woman told cops that at 5:15 this morning she videotaped a woman entering the front gate of her home, between First and Second streets, and use her apparently green-with-envy thumbs to walk off with three plants, three statues, 10 garden decorations and an Italian flag, police said.

Cops couldn’t explain why the homeowner didn’t try to stop the theft, but said she reported that she recognized the suspect as a woman called “Vera” who had passed by the house on Sunday and complimented her on her garden.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Hoboken Police Department at (201) 420-2106.

This isn’t the garden in question, but here’s another “elaborate front garden” on Grand St. between 3rd and 4th…

sidewalk garden - Garden Thief

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[quote comment=”41519″][quote comment=”41500″][quote comment=”41489″]I
hey… does one get to Newark Airport from Hoboken…otehr than by Taxi/car service?[/quote]

You can take a train from Hoboken terminal which connects to the air train which goes to Newark airport. I think it is about 12 bucks.

You can also take a bus I believe from journal square bus station.[/quote]


Or you can save a few bucks and get a ticket for the North Jersey Coast line to Elizabeth. Then get off at Newark Airport instead, then pay the $5 Air Train fee. It saves you about $4.[/quote]

OMG – or there’s like 20 cab companies in the area that will take you there for $20 – $25 — why would you ever take a bus/ train for an hour when you can be there in 20 min?

If you have a lot of time on your hands and you’re frugal – those are really good ideas – otherwise, open up your ‘super coupon’ packs and find the coupons for air transport and use them.

Tama Murden

Re 11. ho-townie: Screamingly funny! Thank you!!
(Shades of the prancing-in-the-window garden gnomes, during Tom Wilkinson’s job interview scene, from, wasn’t it, The Full Monty?)

And re 4. 411: Rather kinky…what’s THAT about?
Next, you’ll be posting about Vera strapped to the handtruck, stolen from the UPS guy who was delivering the plants ordered from White Flower Farms, to replace the ones stolen from the Bloomfield St. property….

Perhaps best for all of us to get out of town for the long holiday weekend! Too much free association….


I have to agree with Resteik. If she just knocks on the window or calls the police, the deed is done and the perp is gone. Video the act and now you have a sound case against the Garden Goblin. I think I would have used the video for a while, AND THEN, pulled out the baseball bat.


If she had time to video tape it why not knock on a window or something to show “Vera” she was caught! Not to bright! 🙄


Too bad she didn’t Napalm the whole abomination.

It was probably the white trash-police doing us all a favor.