Party room for rent – Love 2 Bounce

Love 2 Bounce Party room at 302 Monroe Street in Hoboken

Hoboken’s Benny Love may have moved his Go Postal shipping & receiving center to Washington Street – but that doesn’t mean the old spot at 302 Monroe Street would go to waste. Introducing Love2Bounce at “The Monroe.”

Lots of people email Hoboken411 asking for suggestions where to have their parties, events, or showers. I typically give them some rough guidance on what might work, depending on their cost limitations and size of party. But this space at The Monroe looks like it is suitable for many kinds of gatherings.

As you can see on the postcard below – one main attraction is for kiddies (complete with inflatable contraptions). But they also offer the space for any celebration you can think of – and make available various audio and visual tools, too.

Contact Benny Love at (201)653-1080 or email at

Love 2 Bounce Party Room Hoboken NJ Benny Love - Party room for rent - Love 2 Bounce

Description: Party room for rent. Adults and kids. Amusement, sound and video available.
Address: 302 Monroe Street, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: (201)653-1080

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