Getting out of Hoboken to: Gettysburg, PA

“Same ‘ole, same ‘ole” Hoboken – or something new?

When your Hoboken residency inches closer to two decades – there’s a chance that “events” like Cinco de Mayo, or even larger gigs like the twice annual Arts & Music Festivals have been stuffed into the “been there done that” container. If not, perhaps you might be afraid to leave Hoboken, or simply enjoy repeating events ad nauseum. To each their own!

Gettysburg PA from Hoboken NJ 1 - Getting out of Hoboken to: Gettysburg, PA

Jaunt from Hoboken: Touring Gettysburg, PA on Cycles

For us this year – instead of partaking in the same old Hoboken festival, we headed to Gettysburg, PA for a bicycle tour this past weekend and had a great time learning about the turning point of the Civil War.

The weather couldn’t have been better just a few miles north of the Mason-Dixon line – it was 79 degrees and sunny, and the Battlefield’s rolling hills were exceptionally green after all the earlier rain. Our group from New Jersey was led by a friend and mentor who authors books and articles on the Battle of Gettysburg.

The weekend trip winded up and down hills (such as Little Round Top which is pictured in the gallery below), and past many square miles of farmland and zigzag “Virginia worm fencing.”

One interesting fact we learned included the meaning of monuments to various generals: if the horse carrying the general has all hooves on the ground, the general survived the battle and was uninjured; one hoof off the ground means the general was wounded in battle; and two hooves off the ground means the general lost his life in the battle. Overall, the tour was challenging (almost 50 miles) and enjoyable (exercise, fresh air, tranquility), and left us with an understanding of the scope and significance of the battle.

Gettysburg PA from Hoboken NJ 2 - Getting out of Hoboken to: Gettysburg, PA

Gettysburg, PA filled with wonderful places!

From the peaceful porch swing of The Cashtown Inn on Saturday night, I watched the “Supermoon” creep behind the clouds after enjoying dinner and learning about the Confederacy’s occupation of Cashtown in July of 1863.

I should also note that our innkeepers at The Doubleday Inn (the only bed and breakfast on the Battlefield), were more than happy to accommodate my low-carb living request by serving delicious free range eggs from nearby Weikert’s Egg Farm. In fact, the eggs were so good that we stopped at the farm on our way out of town to pick up some fresh bacon and two dozen eggs to bring back to Hoboken ($1.25 / dozen).

Hoboken411 Gear note: If you go on a bike trip with a standard car – we strongly recommend the Thule 9001 rear mounted bike rack. A beautifully engineered piece of equipment the kept our bikes securely mounted no matter what the speed.

All in all, such a fabulous and refreshing jaunt – that after we got home, we put the wheels in motion for our next exciting adventure away from the Mile Square.

What are some of your favorite weekend trips?

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I’ve cycled at Gettysburg a few times myself, but didn’t stay on the battlefield. Definitely some challenging hills to conquer. A nice little trip, although not too much of a history buff.. find it boring. The kooks that dress up like soldiers are missing a few screws.


So the guides at Gettysburg are still perpetuating the hooves urban legend. Had a guide in Boston get pissed when a military guy called him on it.