Drunks leave entire meals behind

Hoboken drunks can feed entire families with their miscues!

I started a photo feature here on Hoboken411 recently called Drunk Bread Crumbs,” which is a humorous look at the artifacts that drunk revelers leave behind after a night of solid inebriation.

But I guess I short-sighted when I created that category, because now it’s a lot more than bread crumb-like residuals, but rather entire meals!

Like here at 11th and Bloomfield the other morning – two large Domino’s pizzas just sitting on the sidewalk. Some might shake their head in disgust and say “Boy, a poor family in need could have benefited from that!” I chose a different reaction: “Pizza party for the birds and squirrels!”

Hoboken drunks leave full pizzas on sidewalks - Drunks leave entire meals behind

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joey maxim

that’s a good one….


Maybe the delivery guy had to cut and run?


evidence that people are finally living the low carb lifestyle….[quote comment=”215359″]Maybe the delivery guy had to cut and run?[/quote]