Adopt Bobby the Dog!

“Bobby” the pooch needs a Hoboken home – are you ready?

Hopefully most dog owners in Hoboken don’t buy their dogs from the chain pet stores – but rather have great rescue stories! See what our “friend of dogs” Jaime has to say about our latest dog up for adoption!

“Once again, Hoboken411came through and got our last foster dog Lexie adopted so we’re on to the next! We’re hoping Bobby can find his forever home through Hoboken411 as well.

“Bobby is a 5 year old Border Collie mix with one brown eye and one blue eye. He is very sweet and has the maturity and energy of an adult dog but is playful and puppy-like in his personality. We think he’d do well in an apartment or a house. When Bobby first arrived with his foster family right here in Hoboken, he was a bit anxious but quickly came out of his shell. He learns quickly and responds well to training. Must be the border collie in him, smart breed! He is house trained and is doing well with basic commands, leash training and crate training. His foster family works during the day and he does fine in his crate with a dogwalker coming to let him out. He seems like a very loyal dog that just wants to be loved and please his owners.

One of his favorite things to do is to sit at his foster dad’s feet and just hang out and watch TV. He is currently in foster with another dog and gets along great with her. He does fine with children as well.

Bobby came to A Pathway to Hope as the children in his family had developed allergies. He was a loved pet and is looking to find his forever home now. For more information on Bobby, please visit or send an email to To read more about Bobby, go to

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