Hoboken “Phonolizing”

Technology has made socializing anti-social

Here’s another catch phrase we can coin today in Hoboken: Phonolizing.

Phonolizing is the art of looking like you’re socializing with friends, but you’re really just more concerned with what’s happening in your minute digital online social life.

I see groups of people gathered around like this more and more often (like at the Turtle Club recently), but none of them were really talking to each other! See how things have changed!

See how many times you see situations like this on your travels this weekend.

Playing with phone is considered socializing in Hoboken NJ - Hoboken "Phonolizing"

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Mitch Ultimato

I see this all the time. I don’t get it. You’re with people, how about having a conversation with them, instead o texting someone who isn’t there? It’s not just at restaurants though. The other night I was at a concert and the girl in front of me spent literally the whole show on Facebook. Every five minutes she would stick her phone up and take a picture and then post it so her friends can see she was there. But I doubt she paid attention to a single song the band played.