Temporary Blackout

Power is back uptown!

8:15pm Update:

Power problems back again. Since 7:30pm, sporadic outages around town. Additionally, at 8:15pm “wires arcing” was reported over the police radio at 326 Madison Street..

I’m in the dark here working off limited battery power.. they have power next door. Maybe I should throw an extension cord over?

It was also reported that a car had struck a utility pole on 11th Street that PSE&G had claimed was the cause of the problem. I have asked PSE&G to clarify why the Hoboken PD was told that they were “changing circuits” due to the warmer weather.

Signing off till the power comes back!

3:10pm Update:

Dispatch say the “breaker switchover” should take 15-20 minutes max. It’s been 20 minutes already and not back yet.

Additionally, 5th Ward Councilman Peter Cunningham called me to find out what the deal was, as many citizens were concerned, epecially in the Fox Hills Senior building.

Here’s some photos. Some businesses were affected, but as you can see, some blocks did have power at certain homes. Traffic lights are also out throughout town.

All this mayhem for a temporary switchover?

Why didn’t PSE&G notify the city so they could be prepared?


Widespread power outages are being reported around town. It seems as if a good portion is affected.

Overheard on the live police scanner (which is down for you guys right now – on my portable), the dispatcher reports it was a PSE&G planned outage as they’re “making a switch” to prepare for a string of warmer weather expected for the next 5 days.

Many fire alarms are being triggered throughout town as a result.

411 may be down here, but not out!

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I’ve been out of the country on buisiness and have been attempting to get caught up on what is happening. A friend of mine has taped Channel 78 and been readin 411. Some comments to tullipsandillies about Cunningham and City Hall. To say City Hall is not informing him maybe true, that falls to the Mayor. However, he could have called the Police Dept. since that is the city’s emergency number. Calling 411 shows he has alot to learn and I wish him well. Also, your comment about all council members being “insiders” except Mason, Zimmer and Cunningham, I have to say I disagree. Did we forget that when my council member Marsh and that other guy Soares were there that it was Russo and Castellano that voted as a block against the Mayor? Now that he is a dead duck, it appears that Ruben, Peter, Nino and LaBruno are now turning away from the Mayor. My felling in reviewing the Channel 78 tapes and reading 411 is that Zimmer and Cunningham could make an impact if they work with the other council members rather than being all righteous. Simply put they need three more additional votes to get things done for us.


it’s going to be 90 tomorrow. 😈


[quote comment=”40994″]sorry….off topic I know…but since when is Fox Hills no longer a Senior Building? What kind of building is it?[/quote]

I suppose there are still some Senior Citizens left. Less and less each year.

Now Fox Hill rents to families. ALL KINDS of families. 😯


Power went out for me on Bloom & 11th earlier tonight…so fustrating to see the chandelier on next door at the neighbors – so I left. An update when it’s turned on would be helpful…then I’ll go back home, lol.