Hobotown – 8/22/2007

By T.G. Heins – “Hoboken Moms”


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thats not a bugaboo


Could be… but I’m seeing something different.

I see a tree holding onto a toilet seat for dear life – what looks like confetti coming out of its mouth is really not. Tree was partying too hard night before at Black Bear Bar – you know how bears and trees like to party.

That said, definately Hoboken.


Ah! It’s all coming together now.

btw – is that a bath tub under the tree, or are my eyes deceiving me?


[quote comment=”40395″]If you look through the door there seems to be a tree inside…….very strange – a tree inside a prison?[/quote]

No, not a prison, that’s the cage to prevent the baby monkeys from escaping and climbing up the Empire States Building just across the river…

[quote comment=”40395″]three mothers who appear to be holding baby monkeys.[/quote]


Obviously it’s Hoboken, here are the giveaways:

1. bugaboo frog stroller in the foreground.

2. real estate office on right (window) contradicts itself by saying “Sold Sold. 2 Left”. Anyone living in Hoboken knows they pull this game on you (hint-Maxwell Place) where they say that all units are sold out but they have a “couple” left for a special buyer. Hoboken all the way.

3. (reference to Jay’s catch) only one eyed aliens from outer space will be able to afford to stay at the “OTEL” that we know is the W HOTEL. Hence, that’s why this alien is sticking out its zipper toungue and saying “nanny-nanna-nah-nah”.