City Offender Zone 8/21/2007

Here a reader sends in a tip about an offending “official” vehicle on 13th and Garden.

Not sure who this belongs to, but the permit (for “Community Development”) expired on January 23, 2007.

“Check out the white Ford Tarus with the “MG” plate and Hoboken Police permit #16 in the window. Corner of 13th and Garden. Has not been moved in a week and did not get a ticket on Tuesday the street cleaning day. Currently parked over the line in the intersection. A ticket and a tow for anyone else.

Certainly not on “Official Business”


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“I think in order to get a new one you have to hand in the old one.”

It shoud read “I think in order to get a new one you SHOULD have to….”


That looks like it could be Fred Bado’s city issued car.

There is actually another car I see parked on Bloomfield St near 11th that is using a parking placard issued to a city council person. The placard expired in Jan. 2006.

Too bad no one at city hall is actually keeping an inventory of those things. I think in order to get a new one you have to hand in the old one. If it was “stolen” then displaying it would be possession of stolen city property. If “lost” then the person would have to pay a $250 fine. Also the palcard should have the license plate on it.

Oh one other idea; Paint all the city cars and trucks bright orange or bright green. Then the directors will think twice before taking them to their beach houses or out to dinner.