Spaghettiaoke & Graziella’s Gravies 2012

6th Annual Spaghettiaoke & Graziella’s Gravies Contest in Hoboken!

Back again for 2012! Mark your calendars for this Saturday, April 21st from 6-9pm!

“Enjoy a fabulous spaghetti dinner, (off-key) Karaoke, and sleep well knowing your contributions went to a good cause. There will be a cash bar, and if you’re feeling lucky enter your homemade “gravy” (i.e. red sauce) into the Graziella’s Gravies contest and win prizes. Tickets on sale at church rectory or call 201-659-0369.”

Our Lady of Grace Church (4th and Willow), Saturday April 21st from 6pm to 9pm.

Hoboken Spaghettiaoke Graziellas Gravies Contest April 21 2012 Saturday OLG - Spaghettiaoke & Graziella’s Gravies 2012

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