What’s up with the newest kayak launch?

Letter: New Hoboken kayak launch not inviting whatsoever!

One Hoboken411 reader who happens to be an avid kayaker, and loves using the existing Hoboken Cove Community Boathouse and nice beach area near Maxwell Place – is extremely let down over the botched design of the kayak launch that came along with the new uptown waterfront walkway near 1600 Park.

Botched design at Hoboken Kayak Launch at 1600 Park

“They totally ignored our kayaker design suggestions, even though they built the beach! There is a nice cement “ramp” down to what they call a “beach.”

Actually, it’s more like a weird “cruel beach” shore area with small sharp rocks, then a steep grade at the shoreline. This is by no means an acceptable layout to land OR launch any kayak, let alone run a public kayak program from. Completely uninviting for a glass kayak, and even a cheaper plastic one. This is totally opposite from what was promised. At least we still have the lovely natural sandy beach by the cove that has been there for over 20 years. All they had to do was clone that!

It’s also sad that the huge ancient trees that were nestled around the cove. Was a gorgeous site, which is now just bulkhead. Hopefully this isn’t the final design, but will be wacky and sad if it is.”

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perhaps that is done intentionally.