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Samsung 830 Series SSD Review - 411 Tech Tip: Fast & Easy computer upgrade

A fast Samsung SSD hard drive does wonders for your PC or laptop!

For my daily work here at Hoboken411, I picked up a fairly good PC a couple years back (Intel Core i7, tons of memory, SSD boot drive). However, it was getting a bit slow – and I checked out my Windows Experience Index score on Windows 7 (a rating that tests the speed and capability of your PC). It was only a 5.9, with my outdated Kingston SSD drive being the bottle-neck. Everything else was in the 7.0+ rating.

So apparently the “next big thing” in hard drives (for both laptops and desktops) is the Samsung 830 Series Solid State Disks. From what I read, leaps and bounds ahead of what else is out there. So I splurged and bought a 128gb drive ($179) to replace the one I had.

These units are also available in 256gb ($309) and 512gb ($799). Note that the two bigger models have slightly faster “write” speeds.

The drives come with Norton Ghost 15 software for Windows users ($20 value). I didn’t use that, but might need it some time in the future.

Apricorn EZ Upgrade SATA - 411 Tech Tip: Fast & Easy computer upgradeOne important piece of the puzzle that made the entire upgrade easier was the Apricorn EZ Upgrade hard drive upgrade kit. For about $19 bucks you get some easy to use software and a USB cable that transfers all the data from your current boot drive and mirrors it onto your new ultra-fast Samsung SSD drive. Took about 15 – 30 minutes. (Important note: you must format the new hard drive prior to any transfer!)

The results?

The Windows Experience Index for the primary hard drive increased from a lowly 5.9 to a nearly perfect 7.7 (out of 7.9 max). Boot time is practically instant, and all my programs load faster, and the computer just works more smoothly now.

You might read in many places that this is a great upgrade for laptops and notebooks specifically, because of the enhanced battery life as well (on top of the performance upgrade). I plan on doing the same for my portable computer next. I’ll probably notice a more dramatic improvement there, considering it has a shoddy 5400rpm traditional hard drive and takes forever to load.

All in all, the Samsung 830 Series Solid State Drive is highly recommended, even if you already had SSD disks in your system!

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Monday, April 16, 2012 3:49 pm

Bought one today. A friend recently upgraded his notebook, and it made such a huge difference. The price is fair enough I didn’t feel the need to wait for it to come down.

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