Affordable Iced Coffee in Hoboken

Cugini Kitchen in Hoboken has a nice iced coffee!

As most regular Hoboken411 readers know, we’re big fans of Cugini Kitchen at 918 Washington Street. They don’t pay us a dime, dole out free food or anything along those lines. They’re just good people who provide quality products at what we feel are fair prices. We eat there regularly for exactly those reasons.

Their repertoire consists of great daily specials, kick-ass custom omelets, top notch chicken salad – and now a new discovery I made recently: affordable iced coffee.

You can get a hefty 20oz cup of iced coffee for just $1.50 here. That’s around half of what you’d pay for a similarly-sized cup at a national chain. Sure, it may not be gourmet (yet), but it’s refreshing and hits the spot!


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Turns out the 20 ounces costs $2. There is a smaller cup next to the 20 oz cups that are $1.50. Either you lucked out or I got cheated!