Another pedestrian struck by auto

This time at First & Bloomfield. It was reported around 6:48pm. The driver DIDN’T leave the scene! Amazing. Sounds like she wasn’t badly injured.

Nah, we don’t have a problem, do we?

Listen to the live police scanner to hear what happens.

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My friend was hit in the crosswalk on Fri. night right across from the Sky club. The driver did not stop at the stop sign and hit her, but thankfully, stopped and did not run her over. Anyway, I think everyone just needs to be more careful.


[quote comment=”40139″]The ‘ME’ first attitude ruins our streets for both walkers and drivers.[/quote]



The problem is the ‘ME’ first attitude that both pedestrians and drivers in Hoboken have. Everyone thinks wherever they are going is more important and they need to get there before everyone else. If both sides obeyed the traffic laws, crosswalks, stop signs, and speed limits we wouldn’t have such a problem. Pedestrians too often walk in front of cars without looking but drivers also zoom around raods in Hoboken with no regard for crosswalks. The ‘ME’ first attitude ruins our streets for both walkers and drivers.


Yeah, we do have a problem. It is the arrogant pedestrians. They walk right in the middle of the street not looking at all while they talk on the cell phone.
These idiots love to put their lives in other peoples hands. You have a responsibility to take care of yourself, it is much easier to stop your 2 feet than a 3,000 pound car.


what a terrible intersection. It’s a pain in the ass to DRIVE through along Bloomfield and just as difficult to walk as a pedestrian. I think this intersection and 4th and Garden are both terrible – everyone is ZOOMING through to get to Washington… Perfect places for 4 way stop signs…