Book: Living Low Carb

Living Low Carb by Jonny Bowden

Living Low Carb Jonny Bowden - Book: Living Low CarbNow that I’ve been living the low carb life for over six months, I’ve noticed that my low carb bookshelf is starting to get quite packed.

One of the latest additions is Living Low Carb by Jonny Bowden.

You can call this book an “All In One” reference guide, and I’d suggest it as a must-have for anyone looking to improve their health and diet.

As the author says himself, you can read it cover to cover if you’d like, but he said he designed the book to be useful no matter what page you open it to.

Here are some noteworthy highlights:

  • Almost 40% of this 400+ page book is dedicated to reviewing many of the diets out there – their pluses and shortcomings. This will prove helpful for those people that enjoy following “brand name” diets, instead of just understanding this as a lifestyle – and not a diet.
  • There’s a great chapter (9) on supplements, and which ones are considered essential when changing your food consumption habits.
  • Or a very straight to the point chapter (2) on exactly why this way of eating works, as well as another chapter (4) on some reasons why the whole world hasn’t figured it out yet (marketing, economic reasons, etc.)
  • Additionally, there are chapters that address some of the myths (6), some frequently asked questions (10) and a great Top 50 Low Carb Tips chapter (11).

Overall, I call it one of my “bathroom books,” because you can flip through it, reinforce your knowledge, and use it to continue being focused and motivated for a healthy, happy life.

Book is around $10 on

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