40k Milestone

Wow, the comments keep coming!

Only in mid-January, 411 had the “significant” 10k milestone… then four months later, had the 25k milestone… then, lo behold, three months later another milestone… 40,000 user comments!

Reader “Journey” just had the one that crossed the hump, in the “Take Action on the Flooding” post.

It’s typical that between 1,000-1,500 comments per week are posted on Hoboken411 (Hoboken’s most frequently visited site).

What makes the site so useful, is reader interaction. If you’re a lurker, and just read what everyone else is saying, why not take the time to chime in and speak your mind! Strength in numbers!


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[quote comment=”40018″]Way to kill a thread. Good job![/quote]
Now aren’t you back below 40,000 since you succumbed to the letter from Jackson Lewis, LLP? The truth is they will never put any of this into litigation because truth is an absolute defense to defamation and libel. You would be able to depose every person from the hospital and dig up as much information as possible. There is always a disgruntled former or current employee who has no love loss for their employer.

J- should watch his/her own rear.

It is funny that the Municipal Hospital Authority has an employment law firm on retainer and feels the need to respond to comments that appeared to be comedic in nature.

Congratulations on 39,995 posts.


It would be interesting to know the break down of the 40,000 posts.


1.) Crude (see post #2)
2.) Substantive/Elucidate
3.) Satirical/Boring
4.) Comedic genius that few get
4.) Raunchy but totally acceptable
5.) Flambastically derivative of a traumatic childhood scarred by a fishing trip and bait gone bad


[quote comment=”40018″]Way to kill a thread. Good job![/quote]

I’ll try to bring it back to life. 411, to what extent do you feel illegal immigrants contribute to the site’s success?

Seriously, keep up the good work. Congrats! 😀


[quote comment=”40004″]Shit! I’m currently up on Journey 19 posts to 5 and that lucky bastard just happens to get 40,000.

I’m calling 50,000 right now. It’s mine. All of you better back off…especially you, htownie.[/quote]
I heard your mother had over 40,000 posts in her before she turned 16, any truth to that?