What if you didn’t win the lottery?

9/1/2007 Update:

debbie-downer-lottery.jpgDebbie Downer: “Statistics show that you’ll have a better chance of getting struck by lightning twice than winning the Mega Millions”.. Wahh wahhhhh.

From the Associated Press:

A winning Mega Millions ticket was sold at a market in Cape May County, a spokesman for the NJ Lottery said this morning.

NJ Lottery spokesman Dominick DeMarco said the winning ticket – one of four sold across the country – was purchased at Blitz’s Villas Market in the town of Villas.

“We’re just in disbelief right now,” said Nick DiRenzo, son of the market’s owner Frank, who said he was notified this morning that his store had sold the winning ticket. “I just can’t believe it. It’s unbelievable to me. We have really good lottery customers.”

DeMarco said no one has come forward yet to claim the prize.

Friday night’s Mega Millions jackpot was worth an estimated $330 million. According to preliminary calculations, the lump sum payment would be $48,615,188. If the winner decided to take the money in 26 annual payments it would total about $82 million.

People who feel they may have the winning ticket are advised to sign it immediately and then put it in a safe place, DeMarco said.

“It’s lifechanging money. It really is,” DeMarco said.

The other winning tickets were sold in Maryland, Texas and Virginia.

The winning numbers were 8-18-22-40-44 and the Mega Ball was 11.

Thirty-six other ticket holders, including two from New Jersey, matched all five Mega Millions numbers, but did not have the Mega Ball number. Those folks each won $250,000.

8/30/2007 Update:

mega-millions-hoboken-325-million.jpgI’m obsessed with this massive jackpot.

Just another friendly reminder that Friday’s top prize has been bumped up to $325 million now, since no one won on Tuesday! Those winning number were: 37,40,48,53,56 Mega Ball = 44

With our luck, some illegal immigrant who just set foot on U.S. soil will win. Odd stuff like that seems to happen from time to time. Or some guy “I’ve never played before. I just found a dollar on the street, and thought I’d use it for the lottery”.

If I won, the first thing I’d do is go to Macao, which has surpassed Vegas as the gambling capital of the world (*in money wagered). I’d stay at the Venetian Macao Resort.

Check out this NY Times article to read more about this destination.


8/28/2007 Update:

As it stands, the current jackpot is at a quarter billion dollars. I reckon it’ll go up slightly before the final draw.

Not sure why I keep bringing this up, but it’d be fun to have a Hoboken winner! (especially me! – or a 411 reader!)

So if you haven’t at least bought one, you oughta try and get out today to buy one before the drawing. FYI, if no one wins, the jackpot will likely grow to over 310 million! But with our luck, some farmer from the midwest will win on his first try ever “just because the cow milk told me so”. Why does that always happen? I’d love for the winning quote to be: “I’ve been a drunken idiotic gambler my whole life. I’ve been bankrupt more than twice. I play $50 a week on this stupid game. I’m about 900k in the hole, and finally, I’ve won!! No more two-bit girlfriends for me.. Paris Hilton, here I come!”

8/25/2007 Update:

The top prize keeps getting bigger. Even though yesterdays Jackpot crept up to $206 Million, there was no winner. The winning numbers were 4, 21, 46, 51, 53 and the Mega Ball was 5. Twelve people won the $250,000 prize by matching 5 numbers but not the Mega Ball (including four in NJ, and three in NY).

The estimated jackpot for Tuesday 8/28/2007 is $250,000,000 (a quarter billion dollars).

8/22/2007 Update:

Nobody won the top prize, and it has now swelled to $201 Million for Friday’s drawing.

mega-millions-hoboken.gifTonight’s Mega Millions jackpot is around $171 million dollars. In my estimation, the cash payout (cash value after taxes) is around $60-65 million.

That’s a HUGE chunk of change. That money in a simple 5% bank account would net you over $250,000 in interest per month for the rest of your life. The possibilities are endless. Life could get a lot easier.

However, what would you do if you won? The Mega Millions lottery does not have an anonymous option, the way the Powerball Lottery (which is $245 million this Wednesday, FYI) does in some states (Delaware, Kansas & North Dakota). So, someone has to claim the prize publicly.

It’s been known that when some people win a major lottery and become public, their lives change tremendously. Friends you never knew you had come out of the woodwork, you may be harassed, and much more. Many people have in fact lost the whole thing, and ended up worse than they were before they won!

Say you, a Hoboken resident wins the big prize, would you want to be known as the person that is “filthy rich”? Would you even stay in Hoboken? How would you handle winning? What would you do to protect yourself? Can you be patient and think of the best way to claim it before rushing to lottery headquarters?

With that being said, good luck Hoboken in tonights drawing!

(Oh, and if you weren’t going to buy a ticket, but buy one because you read this, don’t forget to thank me $$ later!)

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I specifically told my fiance to pick the winning numbers. Did he listen? No. As usual he just got a ticket with the wrong numbers. Men. 🙄




“What if you didn’t win the lottery?” Well, I didn’t win, only got the Mega Ball 😡 So–what else is new?


I would have Ms. Teen South Carolina come to Hoboken and give a geography lesson to the AP class:


This is funny.


[quote comment=”41150″]When I win, for starters:


Holy crap, that might be the nicest house I’ve ever seen… I want to move in!