Hoboken Week in Review – 8/19/2007

hoboken city hall lightning august 17 2007 bw sm - Hoboken Week in Review - 8/19/2007This week: A hole in a fence makes front page news, lightning strikes City Hall shortly thereafter, and Hoboken residents now finally gaining strength as it becomes clear that action needs to be taken in this town.

As always, feel free to send tips, rants, comments, and suggestions to: Hoboken411@gmail.com.

What other noteworthy items were covered in the past week?

News, items of (un)importance:

Town Government:

  • It’s a WALL for Christs sake! – Only in Hoboken will you find the debate about a 15 foot wall entrance front page news.
  • BoE – While not very interesting to many, the BoE meetings are still very important, due to the chunk of the tax dollars they use.
  • Art, If I shall (ongoing) – Church Square Park gets some rubbery carpet instead of grass. Gripes ensue.


  • All that Jazz – While “Jazz” is not everyone’s favorite, this band gives it a new sound.

New, Updated or Coming Soon:

  • Ahhhhz – Ferrazz Hair Salon is back on the block after many months of renovation.
  • Open. Closed. Open. – Skyclub gym is back after a short sabbatical, a reader gives their overview.

Leaving Town, screwed, or mucked up:

  • Traffic Light – More giant trucks wreak havoc on objects in Hoboken.


Reader Mail Bag:

  • Grrrrr! – A reader recounts an incident with an impatient driver. Proceeds to get lambasted by 411 commenters.
  • Nicked! – More observations on your delivered packages in danger of getting stolen.

Fun, Games, Miscellaneous Stuff:

  • Condo Kook – One 411 “reader” is most certainly angry about any negative news tidbits about Maxwell place. 99% of readers think he’s nuts too.
  • Bursting – 411 estimates the future population of our city. Others chime in with their guesses.

Notable incidents, crimes, fires:

  • Perpetual – A notorious bad intersection is the scene for an accident involving a Hoboken Police car.

Recent Town Incidents:

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