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Even though this workshop at Devotion Yoga isn’t until January 26th & 27th, I figured I’d put this up now, since there’s a good chance it’ll book pretty quick. Call or email today to reserve. The rush to get into shape after the new year will be fierce!

Other info, including “yoga for tots”, after the break.

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Welcome new Hoboken411 contributor “Hoboken Clarissa”! Today, she’s submitted a write-up about the Yoga for Tots program over at Devotion Yoga.

Yoga for Kids

At 4 pm every Wednesday afternoon, kids gather at Devotion Yoga for their weekly class. These young children hardly resemble the images of austere, meditating monks that the practice of yoga typically conjures. Barely three feet tall, energetic and light-hearted, they are quick to giggle when their teacher Erica asks them to “lift your doggy leg and shake your doggy tail.”

Devotion Yoga started offering classes for kids when the Hoboken studio opened in January 2004. “It was a slower developing program” says Devotion Yoga founder and studio director Liza Bertini. “Parents just don’t realize how much fun kids have doing yoga.”

The classes aren’t traditional yoga classes but still use the same poses. For example, to honor the sun, the kids do the “Sundance” instead of the Sun Salutation. Then, they reach up to the sky and shout “we love you sun!”

Is yoga for kids a new trend? “During the past 3 to 4 years, yoga programs for kids have increased because of a program called ‘Yoga Ed’ training for teachers to bring yoga into schools,” says Bertini. There is also no doubt that yoga has similar benefits in children as adults, such as helping with relaxation and increasing focus.

“But in my opinion, the most important benefit of yoga is that it provides a healthy alternative to competition,” says Bertini. “Anything you do in a yoga class, no matter how young you are, will make you strong and confident.”

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Description – “Yoga studio dedicated to providing a non-competitive environment to the yoga community where students at all experience levels can learn and practice yoga through a variety of classes, workshops, and related special events. Over 20 Classes offered seven days a week. Offers the latest programs and methods taught by nationally recognized instructors. For more information and a detailed schedule, see website.”
Services – Yoga lessons, Apparel & accessories, jewelry & stationery. Classes for beginners, experts, Moms to be, parents and kids.
Website –
Address –
79 Hudson Street, 103LL, Hoboken, New Jersey ( NJ ) 07030
Telephone – (201) 610-YOGA

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Monday, March 1, 2010 11:45 am

i’ve been going to devotion on and off for several years now. i love the variety of classes they offer, the instructors are great and the studios themselves are aesthetically pleasing.

however, i’ve noticed lately that the classes are becoming increasingly PACKED. while it’s great so many people are interested in their offerings, the sheer volume of students crammed into a class is getting ridiculous. the lack of space makes it impossible to employ the full range of movement needed for some poses, and the entire experience just isn’t as pleasant as it should be.

also, i’ve noticed that suzanne’s classes keep getting moved and/or cut – in my opinion (and i know others agree), she’s the best instructor there, it’s really frustrating that she’s not in the schedule more regularly and during times that those of us who actually work can attend.

all in all it’s a great place and i’m so glad we’ve got such a nice studio in town – but i really wish those two issues would be addressed.

Saturday, December 27, 2008 3:37 pm

I’ve been practicing yoga for many years. Different styles of yoga usually have very different focuses. You have to find the one that works for you. Some of my very first classes were with Suzanne, before Devotion Yoga even existed. She was great at fundamentals and teaching proper alignment. Not a bad thing for absolute beginners who have never taken a yoga class.

After a while, I felt like I was getting the “icing without the cake” from her classes. Constant talk about arm rotation and anatomy didn’t hold my interest. For many yogis, the exercise component of the class is really secondary. Yoga means union with the divine. The philosophy of yoga, its deeper purpose and what that can do for your life is much more important than what it does for your body. No Elainetyger, yoga is not a religion. But there is so much more to yoga than a workout or stretch class.

I was very disappointed in Devotion Yoga as the teachers there seemed to be very afraid to involve their students in the spirituality of yoga. Ironic given the name of the place. That’s a shame. I highly recommend the Jivamukti yoga center in Manhattan near Union Square if you are looking for the real deal. In fact, there are several excellent Jivamukti trained yoga teachers who teach at various places in Hoboken. None of them, to my knowledge, teach at Devotion.

Saturday, December 27, 2008 2:09 pm

Thanks elaine. My firm covers exercise expenses so I think I’ll give the beginner series a try.

Friday, December 26, 2008 9:48 pm

Also, I shouldn’t try counting once the evening drink is more than 1/2 gone.

Friday, December 26, 2008 9:47 pm

The guy I used to take classes from at 720 Monroe moved down there (too far for me to walk home from after getting so relaxed). You can probably find somebody good there.

2 things I learned about yoga classes:

1 – I hate Bikram yoga. You either like or hate it — the room is exactly 100F and it’s the same poses in the same order each time and you drink at least 6 cups of water and sweat it out. Hatha yoga is more gentle and usually more varied.

2 – If you have poses you can’t do because of bad knees, foot operation, etc, and the instructor says “oh you can do them; I used to have bad knees and these poses cured me” then never go to that instructor again. You should be able to modify every pose that you need to in order to avoid injury to your own body with its own peculiar needs.

3 – Some instructors treat as like a religion and some as a series of exercises, and most are somewhere in between. You find one that’s right for you.

My husband does a DVD by Rodney Yee every morning. There are all kinds of yoga DVDs and you can probably try them out by borrowing them from the library.

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