133rd Annual Volksfest

German? Want to experience German culture beyond Helmers’?

Well, you’ll have to head up the hill to nearby North Bergen, to check out the this weekend’s Volksfest (August 18th & 19th)!

Good beer, authentic food, bands and even a shooting range!

Get directions here.


“The Plattduetsche Volksfest Vereen of New York & New Jersey (PVV) was established in 1875 and for over 130 years its affiliated clubs have helped to make their home, Schuetzen Park, a beacon for German-American culture in the metropolitan area. Whether it be through singing, dancing, language, sport, marksmanship, or social interest, each of our 13 member clubs strives to preserve a unique part of Germanic heritage, handed down through generations, complete with its traditions and customs.”

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