Uptown Hoboken Development Updates

Development updates for uptown Hoboken, New Jersey

Hoboken411 gets quite a bit of reader mail asking about various projects in Hoboken.

Below are the top 10 updates to get you up to speed (uptown).

Most of these reasonable projects were approved long ago – and are making progress and finally taking shape. The rest of undeveloped Hoboken lays in the hands of certain elected officials, who are mum on the potential back room deals being made for super high-rises or other infrastructure-crushing developments in NW section of town (Rockefeller, etc.)

Keep an eye on them, else we might wake up one day with 70-story buildings towering over all of us!

Hoboken Construction Updates April 2012 Uptown Edition - Uptown Hoboken Development Updates

1. Maxwell Place gets cleaned up

Pictured above, the latest phase of Maxwell Place is underway, as construction crews are cleaning the site and already installing foundation beams. So far, the disruption to life has been minimal, but that will change once vertical progress is made.

2. Hoboken gets Saturday Farmers’ Market in 2012

As Hoboken411 told you last week – new for 2012, a morning Hoboken Family Farmers Market on Garden Street between 14th & 15th Streets on Saturdays starting in June.

3. Monarch Development on the Hoboken Waterfront

A lot of politics involved with this proposed Monarch at Shipyard project along the northern waterfront uptown. Lawsuits and debates aside – if history serves us accurately (and Hoboken odds-makers are right), this project can potentially still get built. Election time is around the corner, and developer campaign contribution bankrolls have “changed minds” in the past, and might very well do so again in the future. Stay tuned…

Monarch at Shipyard Future Condo Towers Hoboken NJ - Uptown Hoboken Development Updates

4. The Edge Lofts at 1405 Clinton Street

The old Harbor House rehab clinic is being turned into The Edge Lofts (a Bijou Properties project). 35 Apartment rentals, “green” buzzwords, and some kind of artisty / community aspect to the building. It will also feature solar panels, and they’re trying to achieve full LEED Gold Certification. It was rumored that some units will be made more affordable as well. Project is expected to be done late 2012 / early 2013.

5. 14th Street Viaduct work continues

The 14th Street Viaduct rehabilitation project, while necessary to some degree – scares myself and other people a bit. I’m fairly certain the engineers know what they’re doing – but it’s unnerving to have the whole structure supported by temporary beams. What if we have a minor earthquake? Can they handle it? Either way – the whole rehab, including some makeshift parks underneath is expected to be complete by late 2013 / early 2014 (barring natural disaster).

6. 14th & Willow Mixed-Use Development

The Willow 14 Project has certainly angered residents with foul smells and obnoxious construction times. However, it appears to be back on a reasonable track. The site is still being cleaned up from the previous gas station and turn of the century coal treatment plant that polluted the property. 140 units are planned along with 22,000 sq. ft. of retail space. Maybe this is where a Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s will finally come to Hoboken?

7. Last piece of condo puzzle behind Movie Theater

Fields Construction is putting the last new building that can be built on Grand Street & 14th Streets (right behind Clearview Cinemas.) Nothing too extraordinary about this project that hopes to be complete by late 2012 / early 2013.

New condos behind clearview cinemas movie theater Hoboken NJ Fields Construction - Uptown Hoboken Development Updates

8. More condos on the way to 1400 Clinton Street

Across the street from The Edge Lofts mentioned earlier is yet another Fields Construction project. This particular plot was featured on Hoboken411’s “Will It Sell” series back in 2009 – when it was going for $7.5 million just for the land. This property apparently supports 50 additional condo/loft units.

9. BASF Empty Block at 12th & Adams (crystal ball says…)

Here’s another interesting situation uptown. This block on Adams between 12th & 13th, once called the Henkel site, is now owned by BASF. The site was (is) being “remediated,” and still undergoing tests. No development has been (publicly) announced. The city claims they want to convert this entire block into open space. However, political insiders suspect those are just “election words,” and that a valuable space like that won’t come without a hefty price tag. Some even believe that when the dust settles, we’ll end up with just another mixed-use property with a miniature ShopRite-like park as our “open space.” Remember, politicians often say the things people want to hear.

Future open space BASF in Hoboken NJ or not - Uptown Hoboken Development Updates

10. Empty lot at 1200 Clinton to remain an empty lot for now

People were also wondering what the “action” was at the long-empty lot across the street from the Fox Hill Gardens tower. Well, nothing much to report, since Fields Construction is using this area as a storage / staging area for their work going on at 14th & Grand.

What do you think the next best steps are for Hoboken development?

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Monday, April 9, 2012 9:00 am

The sidewalk along the Maxwell Place project is already falling into the pit they have dug out. You can see a good size gap between the concrete sidewalk the the paver stones around the trees lining Hudson Street. I certainly hope they reinforce along that sidewalk do it doesnt continue it’s tilt into the construction hole.

Saturday, April 7, 2012 10:33 am

You’re confusing columns with beams.

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