Digable Arts Festival 2013 in Hoboken

Fourth Annual Hoboken Digable Arts Festival this weekend

Hoboken’s Independent Art Festival “Digable Arts” is scheduled for this Saturday October 12th and Sunday October 13th.

“Art in the heart of Hoboken.”

Now in its 4th year, the Digable Arts Festival will take place from 12pm to 6pm on both days.

The event will draw thousands of people to Hoboken to enjoy its picturesque promenade, restaurants and its vibrant art scene. Taking place once again at the Monroe Center for the Arts at 720 Monroe Street in Hoboken, NJ – only steps from the light rail and within walking distance of the Hoboken Path terminal.

Multiple galleries are tied together by an assortment of art installations and performances. This dynamic festival continues outdoors with three stages of music. Including Sylvana Joyce and the Moment, the Defending Champions, Blue Food and many more.

The 2013 musical lineup will perform on three stages – the “Rebbelations Stage”, the “Ploonky Stage,” and the “PM JAMNITES Acoustic Stage,” which is a special treat, showcasing a varied array of local talent. Nearly three dozen acts in total, from folk to rock, will perform this weekend. The Digable Arts Festival is an intimate venue it hear quality music from live touring bands in Hoboken over both days of the festival. See lineup and schedule below.

Digable Arts Festival 2013 Hoboken NJ

Digable Arts 2013: “Ploonky” Stage Music Lineup

Saturday, October 12, 2013

  • 12:00pm Machine Life
  • 1:00pm Citrus Distress
  • 3:10pm Sylvana Joyce and the Moment
  • 4:00pm The Audiobodies

Sunday, October 13, 2013

  • 1:20pm Defending Champions
  • 2:20pm Blue Food
  • 4:30pm Papermaker
  • 5:30pm Thomas Francis Takes his Chances

Digable Arts 2013: “Rebbelations” Stage Music Lineup

Saturday, October 12, 2013

  • 12:30 Panda Jam
  • 1:30 Big Drops
  • 3:40 Karma Sutra
  • 4:30 Universal Rebel

Sunday, October 13, 2013

  • 12:00 Meditation Yoga
  • 12:40 Mas Alla
  • 4:00 Las Vandelays
  • 5:00 Coy Kids

Digable Arts 2013: “PMJAMNITES” Stage Music Lineup

Saturday, October 12, 2013

  • 12:00 Frank Ippolito
  • 12:25 The Act of Getting It Out
  • 1:00 Eunice Wobble Wong
  • 1:40 Mixed Meteor
  • 3:00 The Playmeisters
  • 3:30 The Jim Hayes Band
  • 4:20 Eventually Epic

Sunday, October 13, 2013

  • 12:00 Glen Coleman
  • 12:25 Swapna Patel
  • 12:40 Mr. Langham
  • 1:05 Sharad Agarwal & Deepak Bhalerao
  • 1:25 Ben Carmichael & The Riq Experience
  • 1:55 Kasandra Black
  • 2:30 Jim Hayes Band
  • 4:00 The Dead Bums
  • 4:30 iMega
  • 4:40 Casanova Confidence
  • 4:55 Roland Ramos
  • 5:20 Tony Max & The Experience

All interested artists, please contact Roland Ramos at Roland.ramos77@gmail.com

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**Please be advised the Digable Arts Consortium pulled the “PMJAMNITES” Stage Music Lineup from their roster** http://www.digablearts.com/2013/music/music-schedule/


I don’t know, as I was slated to perform on the PMJamNites Stage for Saturday, and I received word from the artist that got me the gig, he was recently notified that it was canceled (Outdoor stage?). I’m trying to confirm….

9th Street
9th Street

We love going to the independent, non-city sponsored events. They have a more real, organic feel. Look forward to it! Doesn’t hurt that it’s close by too.