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Back around Christmas of last year, I made readers aware of a growing trend: packages being stolen from their buildings.

This time, 411 reader Michael warns us about actual delivery personnel that may be the ones nicking your merchandise.

hoboken-stolen-fedex-packages.jpg“Last week, I placed an online order for a new laptop computer. I had to have it shipped here to Hoboken instead of my office to both save on sales tax and also because the company required first orders to be shipped to billing address. I wasn’t really worried because I knew that if I wasn’t home FedEx would leave the typical “sticky note” and I’d pick it up near the PATH the next day.

Yesterday, the day I expected the first delivery attempt to take place, I noticed that the computer had been delivered and left at my building. What really startled me was that according to the tracking system, it was signed for by ME. The signature was nowhere near what mine would be, and no one shares my apartment. Also, there is no doorman (I live at 3rd and Park). Two calls to FedEx yesterday afternoon did no good. I hoped for the best, that the driver forged my signature in order to leave the computer in the foyer. I hoped one of my neighbors would place it inside, as we usually do for each other.

I rushed home and no computer, no note, no nothing…called FedEx and they put me in touch with the local office. The dispatcher spoke to the driver who claimed to have left it with my “neighbor.” I must tell you, I live in a building with 20 units and don’t know any of my neighbors well enough for them to sign for a package for me. What’s more, if that was the truth, the driver should not have said it was signed for by me.

stolen-fedex-package-hoboken.jpgThe driver then showed back up at my apartment and immediately, I could tell he was hiding something. He seemed very nervous and I caught him in a couple of lies almost immediately. He had no idea what apartment my neighbor came from, nor could he say how he got into my building. I asked for a description of said “neighbor” and he gave me one that doesn’t sound like any guy I’ve ever seen in my building (there are mostly women here, and only a few of us are guys). I knew he was lying and suspected he stole the computer. I was told by the dispatcher that the manager of the local facility, as well as their loss prevention associate would confront the driver when he returned last night. I am expecting an update this afternoon.

I just want to make everyone aware in case similar things happen around the neighborhood.


PS, Also, just an update: Spoke to local FedEx office this afternoon. Nothing came of confronting the driver. I now have to file an official claim through national FedEx office and provide supporting documents, etc. The driver will have to pay them for the $2600 they have to pay me back.”

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Packages are vanishing again. I live on Jefferson, and my building has had some problems. Now, 2 weeks ago, a package UPS says was delivered was never here. I’m going to try to coordinate with neighbors so we can help each other out. This is getting ridiculous, and landlords won’t even do small security measures for us.


[quote comment=”39686″]DHL is, by far, the worst, in my experience. Used to live at an apartment w/no lobby; just a front door that opens up to three units. Not to mention it wasn’t far from the Hoboken projects.

Ok, so common sense would tell one NOT to leave it “on my front steps”. They did. Gone. What do you expect? Moron.

Of note, DHL was less than helpful. Thankfully, I live in a building w/a lobby now. However, given a shipping option, I wouldn’t choose DHL.[/quote]

DHL used to be shipping company my employer had contract with. They were the worst. I ship laptops out to our sales force. We had a laptop get to the FL. sorting place and then never get on a truck. The amount of work I had to do to get the insurance on the package handled was amazing.


We had at least 2 packages stolen recently that were delivered by FedEx back in June – packages were simply left in an open area without a signature. When I reported them stolen to the shipper, I received a call from the FedEx delivery man who complained to me that he would be responsible for the cost of the stolen packages.

Since that phone call FedEx has missed several deliveries to my house, indicating that they can’t find it. I’ve even offered to pick up my own packages, which they have not allowed. I’ve found the local FedEx people surly and rude.

I’ve never had a problem with UPS. The driver has been friendly and accommodating – guess who’ll get the holiday tip.


apparently it was for whoever stole it


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