How do people ignore common (health) sense?

Poor information & poor infrastructure can kill you!

The War on Insulin and the defense of fat Peter Attia - How do people ignore common (health) sense?This is a last-minute post – and related to the low carb living section here on Hoboken411.

Dr. Peter Attia published a fantastic post earlier today – which goes into why, despite accurate and easily available information, that a huge chunk of people suffer from diet-related problems.

The story is quite “psychological,” but offers some great perspectives on the human population in general.

From the poor and uninformed, to the rest of the world – which has been led astray by mainstream media and indoctrinated physicians as well.

His last paragraph of the post sums it up quite well for me – and should resonate with those that, despite following commonly believed “good diet” methods – are still medicated fatties.

Here is my favorite excerpt below:

Surprised that 67% of us are overweight and over 10% have diabetes?

“We are outright told to eat the foods that make us fat via all formal and informal recommendations. We are surrounded by food infrastructure that makes our “default” eating patterns in line with those (flawed) recommendations. And for those of us who decide to go against the grain and overcome these two enormous hurdles, we are almost assuredly not supported. In fact, we’re often condemned and ridiculed.”

See the full post here:

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