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angry maxwell place resident hoboken - Condo RAGEWhen you own a “luxury” condo, does it make you very angry?

I wouldn’t think so, but one particular resident of Maxwell Place is foaming at the mouth because of the continuing coverage of the largest development in Hoboken. Not sure if it’s just his personality, or the stress of owning something that some people claim is over-priced and in danger of losing value.

I really don’t care, but here are some quotes from the increasingly angry emails he’s sending me:

First one back in May of 2007:

What is your beef with the Maxwell Place? I live here and have to admit your rants about MP and Toll are getting pretty annoying. Are you jealous or something? You did not get your park, life is not fair. Anyway, I saw you, your wife/girlfriend, and dog snooping around here the other day taking those pictures on your website. Get a life.

– Snooping around? Not sure about you buddy, but shouldn’t you be enjoying your condo rather than monitoring your “property”?


my beef with you is the constant bashing of maxwell place. why the f do you really care what it looks like if you do not live there? why do you keep snooping around taking pictures? explain that please.


My response to that was:

“I live on 11th street. I walk my dog. Maxwell place nearby. Do the math.

Tell me how I’m bashing it. Just pointing out things. Sure, I call it a prison wall, but that’s what it feels like, even to people I know in the building!

I care because it’s an eyesore. Also, I believe Hoboken is over-developed. I wouldn’t mind these developments if they took care of the city infrastructure FIRST. It’s called PLANNING AHEAD. But greed and haste take precedence.

Lastly, it’s fully accessible to the public. Don’t call people walking around “snooping”. If you really feel that way, why don’t you get a private cabin in the woods and a shotgun. Then you can kick some ass.

Are you a flipper? Are you worried about your RE Value?

Hey man, no offense.. I don’t care where you live. I’ve not bashed people for making a real estate decision.. but don’t take it personally. You didn’t build it.”

His response:

ok, so basically you are pissed b/c Maxwell Place blocked your view ? you can’t blame Toll for doing what they do, build. blame your mayor/city government. if it bothers you that much maybe you should do something about it and run for office, right?

and no, i am not a flipper and not worried about RE Value…are you worried about your RE value? do you own your place? are you purposely trying to sway public opinion against Maxwell to bring RE value down?

yes the park is fully accessible to the public but keep in mind when posters such as the one i pointed out yesterday make comments about sending homeless over there or when others post things such as having their dogs urinate and sh*t all over the lawn it does piss me off considering part of my maintenance fees go to that piece of lawn that is considered public. yes, we are paying to keep that lawn nice so everyone can use it, try to have your readers be a little more respectable. i have been in town over 10 yrs and have never seen such anger/jealously towards owners of a building. then again, maybe i never paid attention b/c i was always a renter.

My response to that was:

“I too have been in town even longer. I am not angry or jealous, despite your beliefs.

Furthermore, you VOLUNTEERED to “pay” for that lawn to be used by the public. Isn’t it funny that Toll Brothers is “killing them”, flying around in corporate jets, and YOU have to pay for this crap? Ironic.

In fact we’re both technically paying for ALL grass in town as taxpayers. The street cleaning, the cops, the firemen, even the mayor’s salary too. Which is partly why we have the right to question how certain deals go through, and other mishaps that take place with “our” money.

I’m mystified by you. “Snooping”, “jealousy” and more. Is it nice to feel that way? I remember an old grandma in my neighborhood in Bergen County that was yelling at kids (“whippersnappers”) as they ran on her lawn as she sat in her window all day.

I’ll stand by my viewpoint that the town is being over-developed without regard to the systems in place that support the residents (parking, sewage, etc.)… Maybe MP is just one of the poster children that represent some of the sentiments of people in town.. sh*t happens.”

We proceeded to become civil, joked around, talked about me running for office (which I’d probably never do), and so on.

Then just this week, he gets riled up again!

I see you are still have a hard on for Maxwell Place. What is the big f*ckin’ deal about whether the fence is open on the sidewalk or not? Are you too lazy to walk a few extra yards? Jesus f*ckin’ christ!

– “the war is over johnny”

– let it go….i am now convinced that you are jealous as well as upset that your view is gone.

– why don’t you disclose on your website why you have such a hard on for maxwell place….your view is blocked, you no longer have the most expensive condo in the neighborhood, etc…let the public know that you live in the same neighborhood.

– also, disclose whether you are a democrat, republican, or other.

how about i take a shit on all of your front stoops?

I respond telling him that the stoops on private property are just that, private. (BTW, I don’t have a political affiliation at all!)

His response to that was:

neither are any of parks at maxwell place at this time

Finally, today he’s really miffed and sent 4 emails this afternoon:

– hurry and up get your camera!!!! they are sealing the maxwell fence!!! hurry, hurry, you maggot!!!

– A newspaper reporter was around snapping pics…where were you? asleep at the wheel? lol

– i am sure you will..please wear a hoboken411 t-shirt so we can see who you are…sorry your little ‘public park’ isn’t working out as you planned..keep fighting the battle pal

– nice story, you are such a loser

I’m sure most of the residents in Maxwell Place (and most of Hoboken for that matter) are normal, nice people.

But this guy is out of control angry. If you move to 1025 Maxwell, make sure you’re on a different floor than him. He’ll probably get mad at you for watching TV or smoking in your apartment.

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Hmmmm…..let’s see the representitive from the CC was Mr. Campos and followed by Mr. Camanarro who’s job it was to protect the the people of Hoboken.

The old retred CC crew just re-elected Mr. Camanarrao to do it to us again.

Back to the Russo line: “I guess it depends who’s developers your talking about, yours or mine.”


I just heard on the police scanner that they have banned the delivery of Cheese to MP. No cheese can be consumed in the park either………………when is this craziness going to stop?

strand tramp
strand tramp

“to get all the approvals they wanted” this is the key. this huge company already bought the project from gans/vallone. they already committed to the price and the restrictions, but went to city hall for more. why wouldn’t they? that is what public companies are supposed to do. that is what their stockholder demand that they do. (haven’t we gone over this already?) so why would we be angry with Toll? it is city hall who gave more approvals. it is city hall who allowed the changes. it is city hall who granted variances. it is city hall who sold out. it is city hall that screwed the community. you want to throw rocks thru some windows i would suggest a few blocks south of the MP project on Hudson street.


For two years I followed the zoning board meetings regarding Maxwell Place. I and a group of people were against the project for logistical reasons of too much traffic, too much lot coverage, too many units to block Elysian Parks space and too much stress on the infrastructure. (Plus we actually wanted them to spare some of the old 30’s Bauhaus-like structures.) I knew that Gans and Vallone who owned the property, would flip it once they got the variances they were seeking and they did flip it to a luxury home builder, Toll Brothers. To get all the variances they wanted for approval of the project, they promised the town would have open space in the form of a public park in two places–one that is at the moment a spot of contention, on several levels, and one out on the pennisula. There also was suppose to be two-story townhouses where the 12 story building sits overlooking the park. This would give Elysian Park some air space and River Road would not be completely blocked and walled in from the river. Of course this never happened because they went back to the zoning board to maximize the space for more sales. I also knew that the property would draw a certain type of individual that could afford to feel entitled to the park land below. Unfortunately that comes with money with some people. But bmacqueens is right, any beef should be with the developer, not the inhabitants. You can’t… Read more »


Why aren’t we forming an angry mob to protest in front of City Hall or the Tea Building for the removal of Al Arezzo? I can’t believe he’s still in this job, whether he is a state or city employee.

Its typical of Hoboken that nonsense about peoples real estate portfolios and personal attacks hijacked this thread from what it should be about- gross corruption and incompetance in our government. Al Arezzo’s conflicts are evident and have been reported on more than Britney’s bad parenting, he should resign or someone with balls should fire him. BTW, where’s Beth Mason’s “new energy” in all this? This is her turf, her ward, and this is total crap.