Do you trust your private data with HPU?

Exactly how safe is Hoboken’s online parking renewal system?

Hoboken411 has received tons of email about the newfangled online parking system the Hoboken Parking Utility is (trying) to roll out.

From delays, awkward form and document requirements and everything in between. I’ve spoken with many residents who are also worried that all personal data will be used explicitly for POLITICAL purposes come election time. Without a doubt, quite a few people are leery providing personal information to our local government hacks.

Hoboken online parking renewals have privacy and safety concerns in NJ - Do you trust your private data with HPU?

One Hoboken resident provided this editorial concerning this new way to “mine” data from residents:

Would you trade security for accessibility in Hoboken?

“The parking authority’s new on-line system that is touted by Zimmer as a first implementation in a series of initiatives to bring more services on-line, could give a resident more than they thought they bargained for.

There are many problems with this system – the most egregious being security. A resident has a right to be assured that their personal information is handled and guarded with the utmost of care. If you have followed the administration’s many uses of smoke and mirrors, you might not be surprised to learn that the disclaimer that the city bears no responsibility for the data collected appears at the end of the entire painful application process.

Compromising a resident’s personal identity should not be allowed by any entity – public or private. This administration has also pushed hard in trying to get online renewals by putting specially printed cards on vehicles reminding them how easy it is to go on-line.

Even if the city could be held accountable for data breaches, I hope your readers will weigh carefully what they might be sacrificing in terms of security by registering on-line.”

Hoboken’s online permit system offers no specific Privacy Policy

Many people I know absolutely refuse to step into this trap offering convenience over the sake of privacy.

One thing that should alarm everyone considering using this new system – is that the web-page where you begin the sign up process offers a BLANK privacy statement right at the start. That’s right – you cannot read what their promises are (if any) regarding YOUR privacy before you begin (they will likely attempt to quickly cover that up shortly after this post goes live…)

What kind of legal loopholes does that provide the city?

Hoboken NJ online parking renewal has no privacy statement - Do you trust your private data with HPU?

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