Republican Dinner features Peter Schweizer

Peter Schweizer comes to Amanda’s in Hoboken for Republican Dinner

Best selling author, Peter Schweizer, will be the guest speaker at the Republicans of Hoboken Lincoln Day Dinner on March 28, 2012 at Amanda’s Restaurant in Hoboken. Event starts at 6pm for cocktails, with dinner and presentation at 7pm.

Republicans of Hoboken Lincoln Day Dinner on March 28th

Diana Davis, Chair, Republicans of Hoboken, stated “the organization is honored to have such a distinguished speaker. The topic is relevant to all who are concerned about corruption in congress. Back in November, we knew we wanted Peter Schweizer. The topic of his book appealed to us. His book exposes and details the corruption in congress: unpunished congressional insider trading which you and I would serve jail time for. He was a frequent guest on television and 60 Minutes did a feature segment on him. His book has a non partisan message which we we knew would appeal to Republicans and Democrats. Yes, Democrats are always invited to our events!”

With Peter Schweizer’s commitments , the success of his book and his busy schedule, many didn’t think it would be possible to have Peter speak at our Lincoln Day Dinner. Thankfully, after many long months, Peter made his schedule work for us and we are very grateful.”

In his book Throw Them All Out, Mr. Schweizer is unsparingly bipartisan in his criticism of Washington. But there is a bigger issue than individual financial impropriety: the rise of crony capitalism as a threat to genuinely free markets and the whole private-enterprise system.

Throw Them All Out paints a very ugly picture of legislators enriching themselves through earmarks and unpunished insider trading, politically connected companies being shoveled billions of dollars in stimulus funds and public money intended to help the environment, plus all manner of kickbacks and favors.

Peter Schweizer is the William J. Casey Fellow at the Hoover Institution, Stanford University & a best-selling author. Three of his books have been nominated for a Pulitzer Prize.. He is a partner in the Washington, D.C. firm Oval Office Writers providing speechwriting & communication services for corporate executives & political figures. Mr. Schweizer also served as a member of the Ultraterrorism Study Group at the Sandia National Laboratory. He has appeared on ABC News, NBC News, CBS News, FOX News, CNN, MSNBC, CNBC, BBC.

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Throw them all out in Washington or Hoboken?