Eggbeater Propaganda!

Embrace the egg! Not low-calorie propaganda!

What did YOU eat for breakfast today?

One of the posts in the the low carb living section here on 411 was all about the almighty egg. A definite staple in any sensible low-carb person’s life.

We’ll touch on this more in the future – but as you fine-tune your diet, one key you’ll eventually want to remember is that too much protein can eventually be a detriment as well (excess / unused protein will turn into sugar).

So with that being said – when you enjoy your omelets in Hoboken, you might even consider adding extra yolks (and butter) to those dishes. The egg-white omelets may sound good on paper (“lower calories,” “lower fat”) they don’t necessarily play fair in this lifestyle.

eggbeaters propaganda misleading about egg yolks and low carb living 2 - Eggbeater Propaganda!

EggBeaters suggests that yolks are not good for you

Take a look at this magazine ad:

Increase the size of your omelet. Not your waistline.
You might need a bigger pan, but definitely not bigger pants. Our all natural egg whites combined with vitamins and minerals have just 1/2 the calories of shell eggs. Egg beaters. The real thing. Only better.


While you might “psychologically” feel better about not eating the fats – it’s not a sustainable life to live. You’ll be hungrier, you won’t lose the weight you want, and you’ll always obsess about your next meal or snack. And who wants to eat liquid eggs in a box anyway?

411 Tip: If you go out for breakfast with friends – and one person orders an egg-white omelet – ask your server if they can take the extra yolks and add to your omelet. And be sure they do not cook them in margarine. Request real butter!

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Trader Joe’s has better eggs in a box than the egg beaters.