Legal Beans BBQ

Legal Beans now offering slow-cooked BBQ options in Hoboken

Spotted an exciting sign over at the oft-flooded Legal Beans eatery downtown – they’ve been offering Slow Cooked, Hickory Smoked BBQ for a whole year already! How’d I miss that?

Legal Beans Hoboken NJ BBQ - Legal Beans BBQ

Some good BBQ choices at Legal Beans

With Joey’s BBQ long gone, Hoboken has dwindling BBQ options – but Legal Beans has a lineup of exciting meats like Espresso Rubbed Ribs, Pulled Pork, Brisket and Dry Rubbed Chicken. Minus any sugary BBQ sauces, this sounds like dream come true in the low carb life!

Tried THREE of their options last week- Pulled pork, ribs and the brisket. Here’s the 60 second rundown and ranking:

  1. Brisket: Heaven on a plate! Tender, fatty juicy meat. Will definitely order again.
  2. Pulled Pork: Also very well done. I asked if they added an sugar to the seasonings, and they claimed they didn’t. But the pulled pork here did have a good, yet somewhat sweet-ish taste. I’d suggest eating in moderation.
  3. Ribs: If you like ribs that are similar to a dog-chew, where you have to really dig your teeth in and gnaw away, then you will be happy. If you like the “fall off the bone” type ribs that melt in your mouth – then stay away. While the flavor was good, we didn’t prefer the tough texture. Will not order again, despite their impressive appearance.

Sides: Almost all of the sides were carb-heavy (beans, cornbread, mac & cheese and more), but chose the cole slaw which was homemade and quite good.

See Legal Beans BBQ Menu Here.

BBQ Options at Legal Beans in Hoboken NJ - Legal Beans BBQ

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Thanks for the tip, I didn’t know they had those new items either. Still have one of their old menus lying around.