“Extended Roots” at Gallery 1200

New Gallery 1200 opening in Hoboken, NJ: Extended Roots

Ibou Ndoye Exended Roots Hoboken NJ Gallery 1200 - "Extended Roots" at Gallery 1200Mark your calendars for this Saturday, March 24th from 7 to 10pm – as Gallery 1200 (12th & Washington) holds an opening reception for their latest gallery of works entitled Extended Roots.

“Extended Roots is an art exhibition exploring how the roots of African cultures have grown beyond the African Continent. The artwork reflects the connection between artists of African descent and the Continent. This exhibition has been curated by Laura Renee in collaboration with Ibou Ndoye. The opening reception is scheduled for March 24th 7-10pm at Gallery 1200.

The artwork will be on display through April 21st.

What are the common cultural, social, and religious values we share in our communities as neighbors, friends, and artists from different social backgrounds?

We all know that African art can not only be one kind of art, because Africa is a huge continent where over a thousand languages are spoken. Each language conveys a culture and the social values of an ethnic group. If civilization were a tree, culture would be the roots, and the leaves and branches would be the different nations and races on the planet.”

Featured Artists and Mediums:

  • Heather Williams: Clay sculpture.
  • Geraldine Gaines: Wooden door carving.
  • Jason Cristofe: Spiritual Jewellery, made of recycle materials.
  • Darin Defield: Mixed Media sculpture and collage.
  • Ibou Ndoye: Broken glass painting (pictured to the right)
  • Adrienne Wheeler: Installation with roots and branches wrapped with died fabric
  • Beatrice Lebreton: African Motifs and patterns with a combination of needle work.


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