Delight Deli & Grocery

Delight Deli & Catering – 56 Monroe St. – Hoboken, NJ

Interesting situation going on here at 56 Monroe Street downtown. A couple things to note:

The former home of Hoboken Fish & Pets – was supposed to become a new location for Hoboken Cigars (which is located by the PATH now).

They spent like 100 grand renovating the whole building – and the city approved them all along the way. Until they were practically finished – then the city threw a wrench into their plans and pretty much prevented them from opening. Such BS.

Hoboken puts a new deli just feet away from an existing one!

Hence – a new business is now set to open: “Delight Deli & Grocery.”

Deli’s are fine in Hoboken, however it seems like the goal of the Hoboken planning and zoning boards is TO PUSH OLD HOBOKEN BUSINESSES OUT.

Why would the city allow a deli to open up two doors down from a long-time deli J&D Provisions?

Sick, twisted people running this city!!

Delight Deli and Grocery Hoboken New Jersey 56 Monroe Street - Delight Deli & Grocery

Description: Another Hoboken Deli / Grocery / Bodega / Coffee / Beverages / Smokes
Address: 56 Monroe Street, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: 201-942-9444
Web: TBD

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I know J&D is a family-owned business that’s been there since the dawn of southwest Hoboken, but can they at least make an effort to attract business from the neighborhood? They clearly get by on the few stray dogs that walk in there to buy cheap booze, but the place looks rundown both inside and out. The two grocery stores around the corner on First are always clean, organized and staffed by friendly employees. But J&D gives the average condo inhabitant zero incentive to walk in there. I’m shocked that they’ve survived this long in the area. I can easily see myself walking past J&D to buy at this new Delight store. Competition is always healthy and a positive for the consumer.


And if you walk down the block to 1st street, you have two delis even closer together, Prime Place and Cafe Raf which are at most 5 yards apart.

I do hope J&D survives, but they do need to take a good long look at their business. They don’t have any sort of menu displayed in the store, the steamer trays of burgers in front work for the daily construction crowd, but are a big contrast to the high end salsas and meats they have for sale on the racks. A menu and some fresh looking ingredients might attract more of those looking for a quick dinner on the way home. Just a thought.


H411 it might be a little more helpful if you’d describe what “wrench” was thrown into the plans of the Hoboken Fish & Pet store after investing all that money.


The city gives the cigar places a hard time. Not saying its limited to the current mayor but that wasn’t the first place the cigar shop owners wanted to expand and was shot down on.


Huh? First of all what did the city do to prevent the Cigar shop from opening? I hadn’t heard about this. Also, what does the city have to do with what types of business open near other businesses? Sushi places open directly across the street from each other. There are pizza places across the street from each other too. Bakeries aand bagel places right next boor.. Nail places. Realtors. Banks. Restaurants. What about this situation is so special that the conspiracy theories are flying? I’m really asking here.