Fastest way to get fit in Hoboken

Body Transformation Experiment gains steam in Hoboken

As you might already know from reading the low carb living section here on Hoboken411 – that DIET is essentially 90% of problem when it comes to living a healthy, lean life.

That’s right – high-intensity working out is absolutely not required.

However, there are benefits if done correctly. One – combined with a smart low-carb lifestyle, high intensity workouts will definitely help you reach your goals faster, and two, a beefy ripped body is appealing and gives you confidence, and three, improved fitness levels will help your performance in sports – and potentially prevent some injuries.

The Body Transformation Experiment in Hoboken combines the best of both worlds (diet & fitness).

Check out this video from Kristie & Mike Andreula of CKO Trainer and feel your pulse go up just watching it!

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As a former member, I think CKO should take a bit more time with teaching proper form for beginners. This place gives a great workout, but I met quite a few people who dealt with shoulder injuries from throwing punches without really knowing how and ended up with rotator cuff issues and other strains. Not knocking this place at all, great place, great workout…just a little more attention to the newbies. Agree with the other comment as well…the video is not the typical look of the members…so, people should not be intimidated.


As a member, I think it’s worth mentioning that almost all of the people in that video are either trainers, instructors or employees of CKO. For every jacked, muscular, high-intensity person in the classes, there are 10 out-of-shape, just-getting-back-into-shape “average” people. So you’re in good company and won’t feel like a schlep. Move at your own speed. I think doing kickboxing regularly has done more for my core/abs than any ab routine.