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gfb.jpg3/14/2007 Update:

It’s official. Erin, the founder of Girls Fight Back is in the process of packing her bags and trekking over to Colorado. She’s not doomed, just moving on to greener (more mountainous) pastures.

It was great to have you in Hoboken, Erin! Best of luck for all things to come!

Her site:
Her blog:

Hopefully something 1/2 as good can come into Hoboken one day!

See what this was all about below.

Self Defense and way more.

Description – The mission of Girls Fight Back is to inspire, motivate and educate women and girls of all ages to take a proactive stance opposing and combating violence against women.
Website –
Address – Monroe Arts Center: 720 Monroe Street, Studio C-513, Hoboken, New Jersey ( NJ ) 07030
Telephone – (201) 222-3900

monroe cetner full.JPG

June 2006.

Girls Fight Back (GFB) is one of those very special places that a town like Hoboken should be honored have on its grounds.

GFB is part self-defense, part educational, part empowerment, a dash of humor and a 100% radical approach to women’s personal safety today.

Founded by Erin Weed in 2001, after her close friend and sorority sister Shannon McNamara was senselessly murdered, she became driven to educate herself and others about the various ways women can protect themselves. Arming herself with extensive training in self-defense, violence prevention and useful devices, she has put it all together in one comprehensive program unlike any other.

Located at the Monroe Arts Center, she has just opened a studio where her programs and classes take place. She currently has three different regular programs, custom workshops, private lessons, and can even be hired as a speaker at your event.

GFB studio 1.JPG

The Self-Defense 101 (1 Hr.) class is a free once-a-month demonstration that reviews the basics. You can meet Erin, see how wonderful a teacher she is, and learn more about the other classes, such as:

The Weekend Warrior (4 Hrs.), which provides women with a decent base of skill and education. And for the most important class:

The GFB Challenge (12 Hrs. over the course of 4 weeks), is the complete training which covers all aspects of personal safety. She highly recommends that all women take this challenge at least once, solidifying their readiness for the situations they all hope never happen to them.

You can see the schedules and costs for these diverse programs on her website.

In addition to the essential classes above, Erin provides a full suite of other fun and helpful GFB resources. From a very funny blog, to a great “pro-shop” with home and personal safety items (such as pepper spray, self-defense keychains and alarms) to gifts, t-shirts and books.

GFB Pro Shop.JPG

Speaking of which, her book “Girls Fight Back – The College Girls Guide to Protecting Herself” has just been published. Contratulations, Erin!

Finally, Erin wants to assure women that her programs are not intimidating or difficult. She creates a great vibe, a laid-back and fun atmosphere, and welcomes all skill levels to come participate. Furthermore, for the women that may have had something bad happen to them in the past, they should no longer be scared. GFB is a great place to come learn not only how to be prepared, but to gain the confidence that they may have been lacking.

I for one, was very lucky to be able to spend the afternoon with Erin. She is deeply sincere, has a strong conviction for what she does, cares about others; all while never coming across in the least bit as a bitter “tough girl”. If I could model my motivation after anyone, it would be her. Subtle, yet highly successful. That is something that comes from a truly passionate person.

GFB Erin 2.JPG

We wish Erin and Girls Fight Back the best of luck! They will be open to the public starting TODAY, June 4th!

Please call if you have any questions or would like more information.

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