Obscure Dignitaries at PVS Gallery

John Selburg solo art exhibit opens in Hoboken March 25, 2012

More unique cultural fun for you in Hoboken this month!

PVS Gallery is proud to present emerging artist, John Selberg and his solo show Obscure Dignitaries.

They invite you to join them on Sunday March 25th, 2012, 3pm – 7pm to view the full body of work.

There will be live music as well; The Accidental Seabirds and The Jim Hayes Band. For gallery hours after this event, contact PVS at 201-448-7870 as they are by appointment only.

About John Selburg

“John Selburg is an artist from Peoria, Illinois, specializing in drawing and sculpture. He received his BFA in Drawing, Sculpture, and Graphic Design from Bradley University in 2006, and his MFA in Drawing from University of Missouri in 2009. John has been teaching Art at Illinois Central College since 2010. John’s work ranges from massive wood carvings and monumental charcoal drawings to small delicate ink and watercolor drawings. The imagery in John’s work spans intimately rendered human faces trans-ubstantiating into birds, animals, and trees to surreal landscapes.

Obscure Dignitaries is a new series of small ink and liquid pigment drawings by John Selburg.

With intricate line work and intimate rendering, Selburg has created an army of strange creatures inhabiting an invisible landscape. The drawings are humorous and ominous metaphors of contemporary existence. The backgrounds are barren, some to the extent of being replaced by translucent mylar leaving the viewer wondering what kind of world these creatures populate. The drawings are elegantly presented pressed between glass on minimal white frames one inch wide and two inches deep handmade by the artist.”

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“For John, drawing is a vision quest. It is a way to organize and examine ones surroundings. It makes the invisible appear. Similar to a dream, a drawing illuminates pieces of one’s perceptual experience to create a metaphor for the individual. This metaphor comes from a source that is beyond the scope of contemporary awareness. The decoding of the metaphor can only be understood by the individual. An individual who witnesses another’s metaphor will find a different unique meaning. Sometimes these transferred metaphors carry more important messages to the viewer. In this sense, drawing and viewing a drawing is a way to communicate on a deep level and sometimes on a spiritual level.

The Paul Vincent Gallery is committed to bringing high quality art and entertainment to the city of Hoboken and its surrounding areas. They strive to continue building community of people who celebrate culture and excellence in the arts. In addition to exhibitions, the gallery hosts figure drawing sessions every Tuesday night, open jam sessions/open mics, and opens its facility to be rented for special private events. The space is close to 2000sqft. and is located at 49 Harrison Street, Hoboken NJ 07030.”

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