Local company gives to Boys & Girls Club

Wallpaper donated to Hoboken Boys & Girls Club by Studio Printworks

Did you know that some of the best, most unique wallpaper in the world is made right here in Hoboken?

Studio Printworks, internationally acclaimed wallpaper company, recently joined other donors in contributing products & services to the Hoboken Boys and Girls Club – which is in need of repairs (and expanding). They collaborated with renowned Artist Mark Fox to create some custom designs – which were donated and installed this week (see below.)

As a reminder, tonight is the big fundraiser for the Boys & Girls Club facility in Weehawken (the Sabor de HoLa event) if you’d like to check it out, and read more about the artist below!

Studio Printworks and Mark Fox donate wallpaper to Hoboken Boys and Girls Club - Local company gives to Boys & Girls Club

Contemporary Artist Mark Fox Creates Designs for Studio Printworks

Called a mad doodler by The New Yorker magazine, artist Mark Fox has announced that he is currently creating two designs in collaboration with Studio Printworks, the New York-based hand-screen printer of fine wallpaper. Fox has become famous in the contemporary art world for his text drawings and paper cutout sculptures involving what The New Yorker calls “verbal snippets, collected from conversations, news stories, and the like…”

“We are extremely honored that Mark has taken the time to dip his toe into the waters of the decorative arts,” said Dennis Shah, president of Studio Printworks after Fox’s announcement. “It is part of our crusade of cross-pollination between the worlds of fine art and decorative art, in the tradition of Picasso, Dufy, Bérard and Dalí.”

“I was bowled over when a trustee of the Whitney Museum first introduced me to Mark’s work,” said Temo Callahan, design director of Studio Printworks. “Some of his giant text-cutout, ‘baled’ paper sculptures look as though they were done by hornets on acid,” he added. “We had to approach him about a collaboration; he is about paper and we are about paper. It has been a great fit.”

The project is the latest in a number of artist wallpaper collaborations undertaken by Studio Printworks. The list of participants includes Kiki Smith, Michele Oka Doner and Rob Wynne.

“I consider these works just as serious as any of my other art pieces,” said Fox. “I intend to use one or both of the wallpapers we create in my upcoming show in May,” he continued. “Much of my art is about cataloguing objects in my life. The text piece I have done for Studio Printworks, called Relics, is a continuation of this very personal concept.” The other design, Phantom, depicts paper cutouts of other of Fox’s personal objects.

Kudos to Studio Printworks for bettering the Hoboken community!

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