Macy’s July 4th Fireworks 2012

Location for 2012 Macy’s July 4th Fireworks still unconfirmed

A few weeks ago, the Macy’s website quietly announced in writing that the annual July 4th Fireworks Spectacular was going to be on the Hudson River again for 2012.

This in turn, got a lot of people in New York City pissed off – especially those living in other boroughs on the eastern side of Manhattan.

Macys Fireworks Fourth of July ON the Hudson River Wednesday July 4 2012 Hoboken NJ - Macy's July 4th Fireworks 2012

Do you care what river the Macy’s Fireworks are on?

Frankly – I find this “debate” that’s happening between “East Side” and the “West Side” of Manhattan in regards to where the fireworks will and should be displayed quite annoying.

People these days act so ENTITLED – as if they have any say in where Macy’s decides launch the fireworks that THEY pay for along with their sponsors.

This is a FREE event, and whether or not you can see it from the comfort of your own neighborhood – really shouldn’t concern anyone at all. If you love fireworks so much, you should be happy it’s just a short ride across town. To demand, let alone whine and complain that “it’s not where it used to be,” or “This is for New York, not New Jersey,” proves that our society has just collectively gone down hill.

Anyway, Macy’s rep Orlando Veras said that the original graphic was an “editing error” and they have yet to confirm the locations for July 4, 2012. They expect that information to be released sometime in the spring. They’ve corrected their graphic since – removing the Hudson River reference.

Do you really care where Macy’s decides to provide this free entertainment?

Macys Fireworks Fourth of July NOT on the Hudson River Wednesday July 4 2012 Hoboken NJ - Macy's July 4th Fireworks 2012

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Don’t care if the fireworks wind up devoured by geese. Geez, some people need something to do…


I thought it was a rotating thing – 2 years in the East River, then 2 years in the Hudson River then back to the East River. And the Hudson River side allows plenty of New Yorkers on this side of the island to see the fireworks – its not as if putting it in the Hudson River blocks NYC from seeing it. Given the tight security regulations for NYC viewing, I’m very happy to see it in the Hudson periodically so we can view it without having to hike over to NYC. But as John14 said, I won’t lose any sleep if its in the East River this year. Its not worth becoming a tempest in a teapot issue.

Sounds like the restaurants on the East River side are pushing to have it over there so they can make extra money ( price gouge diners) for the evening.


Fireworks on the Hudson are great, BUT I certainly won’t lose any sleep if they launch them elsewhere.