Why your diet “works,” but never lasts

Mainstream diets work initially, but still too high in carbohydrates

yo yo dieting why it happens - Why your diet "works," but never lastsFor most people “going on a diet” is not a permanent lifestyle change. More often than not – it’s a “Yo Yo” situation, where they gain and lose weight – struggling to figure it all out.

Those who’ve embraced a low carb life however, rarely have this problem because they’ve eliminated the reason they gain weight.

We recently raved about Dr. Peter Attia’s blog War on Insulin, and he published a story last month that addresses exactly why popular diets like Weight Watchers are sort of considered low carb – but not quite.

To sum up the story (minus the scientific details) – the reason those “diets” work initially is because compared to the Standard American Diet (SAD), they are actually significantly lower in carbs and sugar.

The problem is that they still recommend eating way too many carbs.

That, plus the fact that you’re severely restricting calories and not eating enough fat means that you will no doubt trigger unnecessary insulin response, and find yourself feeling starved much of the time. You’d be lucky to go six months before jumping the diet ship and going back to your nasty ways.

See more here: waroninsulin.com/nutrition/why-weight-watchers-is-actually-a-low-carb-diet

mainstream diets are still too high in carbohydrates and sugar - Why your diet "works," but never lasts

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Saw that article too, very well done. Was surprised no one else had actually put it into context like that before. Dr. Attia has his shit together no doubt.