Dog Run Ideas

I predict that by 2010, Hoboken’s population will be near or above 60,000.

Along with thousands of extra residents, will come many more dogs. The tiny and poorly operated “developer give-back” type dog runs (such as the one at the Shipyard) are just not sufficient enough in my opinion.

With all the walking around Hoboken I do, and after spending some time with my dog at the Dog Beach in Manasquan a few weeks ago, it dawned on me that there are some spots that could be converted to dog runs with minimal effort. Spaces that are being 100% completely unused.

Such as:

Behind City Hall! Stick a small run here. What else is this space being used for?


And what about this little inlet by the Hudson Tea Building? Clean it up, add a gate, and presto! You have yourself a small Hoboken dog beach.


Who knows, maybe being a new dog owner has just gotten to my head and I should go back to thinking like a normal person. But after seeing the dust storm that my dog has to inhale at the various “pebble parks” we have, I thought I’d throw it out there.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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Build dog runs on the new rooftop parks on all new construction. Easy access for them…less poop bags on my gate for me!


[quote comment=”38728″][quote comment=”38611]Don’t wait to move to the suburbs to get a dog. You are only doing yourself and injustice.[/quote] It’s not about me, and shouldn’t be about me, but rather my consideration in how I choose to bring a dog into my family. For you to say I would be doing myself an injustice makes this whole debate seem to be about the cliche “me me me” and how “I” would be depriving “myself” when it’s not about “me”, but instead thoughtful consideration of what I think the optimal time and living situation would be best. Being that this time will come with a couple of years, I see no reason to rush for a perceived but incorrect “injustice” to myself. It’s not about me, but rather all about the quality of life for the dog as long as I have a choice. Whether we’re talking about a dog, or your metaphor of a kid, the same applies. It’s always better to sacrifice your own wants for a dogs or child’s needs. However, sometimes, things come by surprise and you have to make do and plan for the better. While in Hoboken, I think dog runs can be had for a very small amount of funding. Or, if the city refuses to fund them, perhaps a community group, along with corporate sponsors and either aquire the un-used narrow stretches land around town H411 mentioned and create dog runs and even community events (like dog drag racing). Imagine if some… Read more »


I’ve seen them twice. I agree there’s something not quite right with the way they keep the animals, and the man tried to get me to adopt right there on the street. The second time I saw them, the cops were telling them to leave. I hadn’t seen them since.

kooky kat

Has anyone seen the people on Washington between first and second with “rescue” dogs? Before you go “rescuing” (i.e. paying 300+ dollars for any of their animals you should know a few things. They buy their puppies from a puppy mills and sell them back to people at a mark up of at least 50%. They are also on the web selling pit bulls on other sites. I walked by here on Monday evening, and noticed that something didn’t look quite right. The puppies she had were in a cage, and as adorable as they were – they didn’t look healthy, or to be quite honest, like “puppie.” Don’t puppies jump around and get excited when they see kids and other dogs? These poor things looked absolutely miserable. From what I understand, the Hoboken Health Department shut them down, and were forcing them to prove they are legitimate. However, legitimate “resue” organization or not, buyer beware. People who are true pet lovers/dog rescues will take a small donation from you when they are trying to find homes for animals. They had a water jug full of $$$, other envelopes full of $$ to “help save” other dogs. They also claim to be affiliated with the Jersey City SPCA, which by the way, doesn’t even exist. Another shelter in S. Orange, who refuses to do business with them anymore because of their tactics. (Buying from puppy mills- and NOT vaccinating their dogs as they claim to.) I feel horrible, and can’t… Read more »



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