Koala Force tours the tri-state area

Koala Force plays NYC and Hoboken, NJ!

Hoboken resident David Laubach started a band called Koala Force two years ago – and is excited to share some upcoming tour dates with readers.

Koala Force band Hoboken NJ - Koala Force tours the tri-state area

What influences Koala Force’s sound?

David said “One of the unique things about our band is that we each have our own distinct influences. For example, the drummer grew up listening to punk and hip-hop, the bassist is really into hardcore and metal, one guitarist grew up in Seattle and only likes indie bands, and the other can play every Britney Spears, Taylor Swift, and Katy Perry song ever written.

When we put those different backgrounds together, we end up just trying to find a common ground where we all agree that something sounds good. As a band who has been together for almost two years and played just two live shows, having a good time playing the music for ourselves is the most important part about making it. If it wasn’t fun, we wouldn’t do it. We may not be the best at playing our instruments or writing love songs and we’re probably only the second best-looking band in the US right now, but we have more fun playing music together than any other band in the world. Last year, someone reviewing the Hoboken Music Awards nominees wrote that “Hoboken isn’t just about boys with loud guitars anymore.”

Well, we are those boys with the loud guitars.

Here’s a few tracks you can listen to (along with a video below):

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