Bio and Chic ends retail presence

Bio and Chic closes local Hoboken storefront

That “Green” and “Eco-Friendly” store Bio and Chic at 262 First Street that sells those bamboo plates and other extremely expensive leftist tchotchkes announced that they didn’t have enough retail business to justify the steep rents here in Hoboken.

Bio and Chic closes retail shop in Hoboken NJ - Bio and Chic ends retail presence

Bio and Chic to burn fossil fuel exclusively now

So instead, Bio and Chic will concentrate only on internet business – which probably makes sense since your market is much larger.

One thing that perplexed me, however – is that while this company is all high & mighty about the environment, the “renewable” aspect of their products, and so on – but yet they’re still part of “the system.”

Isn’t it a bit hypocritical to badge yourself environmentally friendly, yet thanks to fossil fuels that power jets, trucks and vans – they can quickly ship your over-priced “feel good” tableware across the country the next day! So if I wanted 25 bamboo bowls (~$14) for my shin-dig in California tomorrow – I’d have to shell out over $65 to get them!

If you’re hell bent on Bamboo products – better off buying them from Amazon with free Prime Shipping.

Then again, ordinary plates are a cost-effective logical first choice for most of us.

I think I’d prefer wallet-friendly, wouldn’t you?

Eco Friendly Bamboo Bowls - Bio and Chic ends retail presence
Bio and Chic burns jet fuel sending eco friendly products around the world - Bio and Chic ends retail presence

Bio and Chic “eco-friendly” tableware in Hoboken, NJ


Did you know there’s a new retail shop on 1st Street that sells all sorts of environmentally friendly tableware, gifts and cooking tools?

Five months ago, Bio and Chic, once just an online retailer, found success so fast that they were quickly able to open up a retail spot at 262 First Street. Read more about what they do below!

Bio and Chic eco friendly tableware Hoboken NJ retail store - Bio and Chic ends retail presence

What does Bio and Chic do exactly?

bio and chic tableware hoboken nj - Bio and Chic ends retail presence“We do eco-friendly and naturally elegant food packaging, we do it well, and we love it. We provide catering supplies, baking supplies, party supplies… and all are eco-friendly disposables.

Because we understand that when you shop online you don’t need a pallet of each item you buy. We do small quantities as well as wholesale. You need a pack of 100 party picks for your son’s birthday? You can have it! Are you the lucky caterer chosen to cater a reception of 2,000 guests? We have cartons of palm leaf plates! Your guests will still be talking about your event long after the fun is done.

Caterers, Bakers, Event Planners, Party Hosts: You will find everything you need to prepare a wedding, a BBQ, a picnic or a large reception. Let your imagination run wild with our unique and inspiring disposable food containers, disposable tableware, disposable plates, bamboo utensils or wooden baking molds. Find new eco-friendly ideas and amaze your friends and customers.

Bioandchic is your one-stop shop for eco-friendly take-outboxes, appetizer mini-dishes/picks and skewers, baking and catering supplies. All of our products are totally eco-friendly and biodegradable, made of bamboo, wood, paper, sugar cane, and cornstarch. Although disposable, they remain quality products – very chic and naturally elegant.”

Description: Eco-friendly tableware and gifts
Address: 262 First Street, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: 201-683-8664

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I’m giving this one 6 months tops? Is there really that big of a market for this stuff to necessitate a store front?
Also, I don’t really think you can call something eco-friendly if it is disposable, regardless of what it is made of. Eco friendly means minimal or no harm on the environment, I’m sure running a store front, manufacturing these items, shipping these items all do harm to the environment, not to mention the prices are way higher than the traditional disposables.


Costs too much to be environmentally friendly. I buy the normal stuff and tell my guests it’s eco, and have the same effect.