How “historic” must Hoboken be?

Maybe “historic” standards can be relaxed in Hoboken, NJ?

One thing I never quite understood in Hoboken – was why our “historical preservation commission” was so strict with what kinds of buildings and designs that could be implemented.

I mean take an honest look around town. We have cookie cutter condo buildings, horrific roads, and a mix of everything else (stores, restaurants, nice brownstones, and some not so nice). There is not too much left that is so breath-taking from a historical perspective – and certainly not a consistent “city look and feel” that is going on.

I heard many horror stories over the years about how the historic commission would prevent stores from installing adequate signage (because it “didn’t fit” the neighborhood), but in the end – it doomed those businesses due to lack of visibility. Other cities (like Princeton for example) seem to have it working much better.

What Hoboken really needs is to re-evaluate what is truly worth preserving – and lower the bar to allow more modernization in this town – which might even inject some added life, too.

It was my understanding that they were originally supposed to try and “save” the fire ravaged 300 Washington Street – as if that was some kind of architectural gem. It was just an old building – and it would be nice if something exciting freshened up the main drag!

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