Low Carb Food Choices – Yes or No?

Supermarkets are dangerous places when living low carb!

Hoboken411 has been sharing essential information for living a healthy low carb life for the past couple months. However, I failed to consider the folks that don’t care about scientific data, proven results and simple written words.

With that being said – I felt it was necessary to produce a quick video that was under two minutes (for those with A.D.D.) that doesn’t really delve into the nitty gritty science per se, but offers visuals and sound effects (like a typical network TV spot) that pretty much hammers home the same points. Maybe this format will help convince more readers to enhance their lives!

Below are some examples of what foods you should avoid – and others that you will embrace when you’re ready to improve your life. We’ll get more detailed in the future, since this is just the tip of the iceberg.

(Thanks to the local Hoboken Shoprite for allowing us to shoot the footage! Note that Kim Kardashian was nowhere to be found…)

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Low carb diets may be successful BUT there are many risks involved within this weight loss program. First, low carb diet plan will decrease your glycogen. When you consume enough carbohydrate, your liver and muscles will form enough glycogen to help you prevent muscle loss and dehydration. The truth is: If you follow low carb diet plan, you lose your muscles and you dehydrate. That’s why you lose weight so fast. Not because you lose your stored fat or something else.

With the loss of glycogen, your body will start to become passive and you will get tired much faster than normal people even if you take regular exercise every day. In the end, your metabolic rate will be decreased which means it is extremely unhealthy for our body. The story doesn’t end there. Lack of glycogen may also cause atrophy. This will happen because glycogen plays important part in muscle contraction. Without enough glycogen, your body will contract less and it will cause atrophy.

Of course believers in low carb diets have denied this argument. However, Dr. Ian Smith reported that people who have stopped their low carb diet programs are gaining weight again. They gain weight because when they eat enough carbohydrate they will restore their muscles and glycogen.

Don’t forget that without enough carbohydrate to burn your excess fat!



I could nitpick about the pre-cooked eggs,and, hey, why not show some more meat and some good low carb stuff like brocolli and spinach and squash etc. etc..

but still, brilliant!