Passing Storm = Flooding

4/30/2008 Bump:

Another video I’d like to bring back for an “encore presentation,” as we’d all like to know (and are placing bets) as to when this type of incident will happen again. Also, to keep our politicians on their toes. We don’t forget.


Threw a quick video slide show together to include some of other the pictures of last week’s flooding that were received. Lots of garbage floating around.

See other stuff after the jump…

More flooding.. continued…

8/8/2007 1:30pm Update:

Reader “Yip Yap” found these pictures showing the marshes of Hoboken in the late 1800’s! Building a densely populated area on these grounds needs sophisticated planning and infrastructure!

Thanks, Yip!


1:00pm Update:

Message from Dawn Zimmer, as well as some videos showing concerned residents.

Fed Up with Floods?
Then Flood City Hall!

Join Councilwoman Zimmer’s Efforts to Stop the Flooding.

Once again a brief storm caused unbelievable flooding this morning. Cars stalled, commuters stranded, sewers backed up, people can’t get to work, horrific traffic – Enough is Enough!

Tell Mayor Roberts & the City Council Enough is Enough!

  • Where: City Hall, 94 Washington St., (go up the front stairs and to the Council Chambers on the left).
  • When: Tonight, August 8th at 7:00 pm
  • Why: Because I need your help to convince my fellow Council members to put pressure on the City, NJ Transit, and North Hudson Sewerage to figure out a deal to solve this flooding problem once and for all.
  • Sign-up: Sign up at the front of the Chambers to speak on Agenda #16
  • The message: Stop NJ Transit’s Development Plans Until a Flood Deal is Signed Tonight the City Council is considering hiring a planner to create a redevelopment plan that will enable NJ Transit to build residential high rises on its property in South Hoboken.

I encourage all concerned citizens to come to tonight’s City Council meeting to make their voices heard.

NJ Transit, North Hudson Sewerage, the Mayor and the City Council must work together to fully fund the proposed sewer line and pumping stations before ANY new development in South Hoboken progresses.

Email if you want to join a flood task force that will advocate for solving our city’s flooding problem.


Sorry for the late update!

The PATH service that was suspended is now on a 10 minute delay.

Here’s some flooding pictures, see the rest after the break. How did it affect your commute this morning?



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[quote comment=”38928″]im just curious how many cars have been totaled this year due to flooding in hoboken. :twisted:[/quote]
After the April flood my “check engine light” popped on and my EVAC system needed to be overhauled. Since the car was older, I traded it in.

strand tramp
strand tramp
oh, look at that. we were all entitled to show damages for a reimbursment thru FEMA funds…but somehow the city failed to make that known. click on the link for the FEMA notice that last day to register was june 22 for the April flood. i do not believe the Governor requested disaster assistance for the last flood. so now i cannot even get money for the multiple deductibles i had to pay. very nice. thanks Roberts.

strand tramp
strand tramp

i know that hoboken was declared an emergency area and thus fema funds were dispersed or made available. what happened to these funds? did city hall get them, were residents eligible? how do i apply? where do i get answers?


im just curious how many cars have been totaled this year due to flooding in hoboken. 😈


Yeah- were still really upset about the was a survelience and night watch guard would think they would have called the owners of the cars when they realized the water was up to the windows!

Does anyone know of a good parking garage open to the public?? Were thinking of parking on the Park and Lock on 14th and park when we get a new car…Does anyone park here?? 😉