The Incredible Macadamia Nut!

Macadamia Nuts should be on ALL low-carb shelves!

Macadamia Nuts represent the low carb lifestyle in Hoboken NJ - The Incredible Macadamia Nut!One of the most exciting aspects of any new endeavor, including the low-carb lifestyle – is fine-tuning and “tweaking” the process as you gain new knowledge and experience.

An example I’d like to share was (re)discovering the Macadamia Nut.

Originally, one of my go-to snacks in the low-carb lineup was tasty Virginia Peanuts.

They’re definitely not altogether bad per se – but are highly addictive, and unless you’re perfect with portion control, odds are you’ll shovel more down your gullet than you intended. They’re that tasty! But who needs the excess carbs and protein?

Enter the Macadamia…

Much higher in (good) fat, and substantially lower in carbohydrates and protein that peanuts. Something amazing happens when you snack on Macadamia nuts… You find yourself perfectly satiated just popping a couple of them – and gone is the “hypnotic desire” to eat your weight in nuts.

Important note: This is probably only applicable if you’re already humming smoothly on a consistent low carb system. Call it an “expert snack” if you will, because if your daily diet consists of tons of pasta, breads, candy – these nuts will probably make you even fatter. So proceed with caution!

My favorites are the Trophy Farms All Natural Oven Roasted Macadamias. You buy them in cases of individually-wrapped 2oz. bags. I feel they’re better than the Mauna Loa brand, and the handy pocket-sized portioning is perfect as a backup to help keep you in check.

I might eat about two to four ounces a week, and have also used these as a convenient high-fat, low carb, low protein snack closer to bed time.

Highly recommended!

Trophy Farms Macadamia Nuts for low carb living hoboken nj - The Incredible Macadamia Nut!

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